DOJ Turning America into a Socialist Police State

Barack Obama and Eric Holder demand that everything be done their way or else. They have demonstrated it time and again with many illegal activities including the IRS targeting scandals, NAS spying on Americans and especially reporters and their attacks on law enforcement agencies that enforce the law.

Look at what happened in Arizona when a group of over 200 citizens petitioned the county sheriff to investigate Barack Obama’s eligibility to run or/and hold the office of president. Being tasked by his citizens, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio used his volunteer Cold Case Posse to handle the investigation. Once that investigation was launched and questionable evidence was discovered, Arpaio was warned by the feds to back off or else. Arpaio is a good cop and one who truly honors his position as the duly elected sheriff in a county of over 4 million residents.

When Arpaio refused to back off and kept the investigation moving forward, Holder launched a blitz attack against Arpaio personally and professionally, They went so far as to file federal charges against him and his department for racial profiling.

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Allow me to explain. Maricopa County, the home of the state capital Phoenix and 7 other cities with populations over 100,000 residents is 150 miles north of the Mexican border. The county is a major destination and hub for illegal aliens along with the illegal drug trafficking. In many parts of the county, over 80% of burglaries, assaults, armed robbery and murder involve Hispanics, mostly illegals. Doesn’t it only make sense that law enforcement concentrate on that segment which is responsible for such a high percentage of the crimes?

In 1997, then Graham County (AZ) Sheriff Richard Mack filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that there are no constitutional grounds on which to force state and local law enforcement officials to implement federal laws. The case in point dealt with the Brady Act and the requirement of local law enforcement officers to conduct a background check on all gun sales application within 5 days.

The Supreme Court upheld Sheriff Mack’s case, demonstrating the power of the county sheriff in regards to federal law and federal agencies. In the ruling, the Supreme Court basically stated that the county sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer over his/her county and that includes superseding any federal law enforcement agency.

However, responsible law enforcement doesn’t matter to Holder and Obama as they saw it as a means to undermine and hopefully destroy Arpaio and his department. Sadly, a liberal judge agreed and ruled the sheriff and his department were guilty of racial profiling. They stripped the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department of its right to enforce federal immigration laws which severely handicaps their ability to fight crime in the county. The court also placed a federal monitor to review everything the sheriff’s department does to make sure they are not targeting Hispanics.

Now the Department of Justice has turned its attention into destroying the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department because of the Michael Brown shooting. Before they knew any of the facts or reviewed any of the evidence, Obama and Holder condemned the Ferguson PD and Officer Darren Wilson. They were ready to sentence him for murder just like lunch mobs used to do in the old west before someone could be legally tried.

Much to Holder’s dismay, he was forced to admit that there was not one bit of valid evidence that countered Wilson’s account of what took place the night he shot Brown. All of the valid eyewitness testimonies supported Wilson. But that wasn’t satisfactory for Holder who has set his DOJ attack dogs on the Ferguson PD, just like he did with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. It didn’t matter to Holder that blacks in the community were committing a large percentage of the crimes and the police were trying to do their job to serve and protect. Because the percentage of blacks arrests was greater than their percentage of the population, it’s deemed as racial profiling. Thomas Jackson, the Ferguson Police Chief just resigned and it appears that the entire department is about to be revamped at the hands of the DOJ.

Police officers will be forced to hesitate and think twice before confronting a black or Hispanic and that slight hesitation will lead to the deaths of more law enforcement officers than ever before. It’s already started with the shooting of two Ferguson police officers who were shot during a demonstration against the police department. One officer was shot in the face and still has the bullet in his head.

Neither of these two incidents have anything to do with good effective police work, but have everything to do with Obama and Holder’s racist agendas. If necessary, they will forcibly mold every law enforcement agency in their mold, thus turning America into a socialist police state run by the federal government.

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