Don Trump Jr Warns: ‘If Big Tech Can Censor Me, Think What It Can Do to You’

Donald Trump, Jr., is not only the son of the President of the United States, he is a chief advocate for his father’s presidency. Yet, big tech feels it can ban him, cancel his accounts, and censor his posts whenever they feel like it. The ease with which big tech censors him brings him to a major warning about our freedom of speech on the Internet.

Trump is out with an op-ed at Real Clear Politics warning us all about a loss of freedom.

After all, while Trump, Jr., is technically just another American citizen, he IS the son of a president and has been on the campaign trail and making personal appearances for his father for three years, now.

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That means he is a high profile “someone” for social media purposes. Yet, despite being a chief advocate for a president, social media bans him and censers him with abandon despite that his posts are never really “outrageous.”

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And that is about what Trump says in his op-ed.

Anti-conservative censorship online has gone from bad to worse. As major social media platforms start to target me for censorship, I shudder to think what it means for millions of other Americans, especially as we approach the 2020 presidential campaign.

The latest evidence of censorship occurred during the Smollett hate crime hoax.

After I let my followers know my thoughts on the Smollett hoax, I received a notification that Instagram deleted my post. When I complained about this blatant censorship, Instagram claimed it was a mistake. My post had just been removed “in error,” the company said. Rather than get better, though, the situation just got worse. Conservatives soon let me know by direct message that Instagram was preventing them from following my account, or even sharing or liking any of my posts.

Trump goes on:

I’m sure Instagram will claim that this, too, was all just a terrible mistake. It’s funny how these “mistakes” never seem to happen to liberals at the critical moment of a news cycle. More to the point, if this is really a “mistake,” then why does it keep happening?

After pointing out several instances of this behavior perpetrated against other conservatives, Trump adds:

Even worse than the censorship itself is the fact that it takes public outrage just to get Big Tech to treat conservative voices fairly. When social media censorship comes after someone like me, a prominent businessman and the son the president of the United States, it’s a story. The same is not true for the millions of conservative Americans who have no recourse whatsoever when Twitter or Facebook bans their accounts, limits their reach, and otherwise silences their voices because of their political opinions. It is they who are hurt the most by Big Tech’s manipulative partisan agenda.

Worryingly, there seems to be no limit to that manipulation. The tech giants are now tinkering with their terms of service to mandate that users adhere to liberal orthodoxy in their posts. It is now, for example, a banishment offense to “misgender” or “deadname” transgender people on Twitter, as even a radical feminist discovered when she tweeted that “men are not women.”

Trump winds up with a warning:

Those of us with a big enough public profile to hold the tech giants accountable for their partisan speech-policing have a duty to do so. Ordinary conservatives can’t force multibillion-dollar companies to guarantee their right to free speech, which is exactly what the liberals are counting on.

He is 10% right. Little folk like you and me can’t battle big tech when its members quash our freedom of speech. But make no mistake. Bit tech wants to destroy the ability of all conservatives to speak out.

It is because all liberals are un-American fascists.

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