Donald Trump May Create Super PAC Just to Defeat Barack Obama

In many ways, I’ve never been a big fan of Donald Trump.  I saw him as an arrogant snobbish extremely wealthy individual who had no concept what most Americans face in today’s society.

However, my opinion of him has been changing over the past year.  When he was contemplating a run for the White House, I was skeptical until I started to listen to some of the things he said and as much as I hated to admit it, he made sense.  Trump also jumped up a notch in my opinion when he came out in support of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Today, I listened to an interview he did with John LeBoutillier from Newsmax.  Much to my surprise I found myself agreeing with most of what Trump said.  He spoke of how China is bleeding us dry and that Mitt Romney is the only one talking about it and saying that it needs to be fixed.  He also touched on how OPEC is determined to rip us off as much as they can.

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But one of the things that he said that really made things clear was when he said that America is under a wet blanket.  There is something putting a damper on all of the country and until that damper or wet blanket is removed, any kind of recovery will be difficult.

That wet blanket is Barack Obama and his administration.  Trump believes that just defeating Obama in November can go a long way to lifting that wet blanket and allowing America to breathe again.  With that in mind, LeBoutillier asked Trump if others have approached him about funding a super PAC in support of any one candidate.  His response was,

“Yes they have, and I am thinking about just doing my own super PAC.”

“There was a recent [anti-Obama] commercial done where they made him look like a superhero. I’m saying, who made this commercial? I thought it was one of the worst commercial I’ve ever seen.”

“If I did one I would show how bad we’re doing as a country, how disrespected we are as a country. I would show people from OPEC, 11 people sitting around a beautiful gold-encrusted table talking about how they are going to continue to rip off the United States.”

“I would do one on China and talk about the manipulation of their currency, which is draining the blood out of this country. We could stop that very easily. All we have to do is impose a 25 percent tax on their products coming in. Somebody would say, Oh gee, what about free trade? Well, I’m a believer in fair trade, not necessarily free trade. We don’t have fair trade. You try to do business in China. It’s very, very hard. It’s a one-way street.”

“My super PAC ads would be focused on how outside places and outside things are absolutely sucking the blood out of this country, and this country can’t be great again unless it really starts to generate money. You can’t fund Medicare, you can’t fund Social Security, unless we start to generate money, and we can’t because outside sources are taking our money. We’re like children with a wallet and they’re just taking the money right out of our wallet.”

Listen for yourself to part of the interview and see if what he has to say makes sense to you:

After listening to Trump’s interview, I almost wish he had run for office.  Perhaps what America needs most right now is successful businessman who knows how to run a profitable company.  Someone willing to make the tough decisions of where to trim and cut wasteful spending and expenses while at the same time taking advantage of the more profitable areas.

When Mitt Romney begins to form his cabinet, I hope that he considers Donald Trump for either Secretary of Commerce, Treasury Secretary or even make him a personal finance advisor.  Between Romney and Trump’s business backgrounds, I’ sure they can accomplish a lot to stem the economic slide, that is if Congress will let them.

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