Donald Trump on Politicians: “When I call, they Kiss My A**”!

Donald Trump recently continued his assault on the corrupt American political process, and once again had some of us scratching our heads as to the inconsistency of his commentary.

You know, it’s interesting. I was looking at the ones I’m running against. I’ve contributed to most of them — can you believe it? I’ve contributed to most of them. And one of them said, No, I don’t think you’ve contributed to me. They found out I did. I contribute to everybody. I’ve given to Democrats. I’ve given to Hillary. I’ve given to everybody, because that was my job. I’ve got to give to them. because when I want something I get it. When I call, they kiss my ass. It’s true. They kiss my ass. It’s true.

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Look, I totally agree with Trump that our political process can sometimes be very ugly and dirty. I agree with him that many of our politicians are corrupt and that many of them would sell their own family for a few dollars. What I don’t get, what I simply cannot fathom, is how moral, upstanding Americans can continue to both agree with him on this and then support his candidacy for office.

While Trump argues that he was simply “playing the game” when he was bribing these public officials, the truth is that if it weren’t for men like him – there would be no game. Trump argues as though he was innocently forced into the cycle of corruption, but it seems that the politician could argue the very same thing – ‘If it wasn’t for Trump, I would never have accepted the bribe money… but I was just playing the game!’

If Trump and his supporters can’t see that he is as disgusting as the corrupt official and as at fault for our political quagmire as the most craven politician – then we’ve no hope for winning them over with logic and reason.

If Trump were worthy of office, he would have refused to play the game; he wouldn’t have become the game’s central player.

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