Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Radical Islam and Political Correctness


Donald Trump was on MSNBC to discuss his presidential campaign when he said some interesting (and completely accurate) things about the left’s reticence to call out “radical” Islam.

Donald Trump: This is something I said and it keeps getting brought up. I mean I’m not bringing this up, you’re bringing this up. But it keeps getting brought up. You can go back just last week in the soccer game during the one minute of silence in honor of the people that were absolutely slaughtered, disgustingly slaughtered in that horrible thing that took place in Paris. You see what happened during that one minute of silence. 

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Joe Scarborough: Again, the question is as we have so many issues to talk about, why is that important to you? Why are you bringing that up in rallies? Why is that – why should that be relevant to voters that will vote in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Donald Trump: It is important because you have to know the problems – because we don’t know the problems. We have a president that won’t even mention the term or the name. I don’t know what his problem is. Nobody understands it. He won’t mention radical Islamic terrorism. He won’t mention it. It could be from a different planet as far as he’s concerned and you’re not going to solve the problem unless you’re willing to talk about what the problem is. I’m willing to talk about what the problem is.

Now then I do Chuck Todd, nice guy, and he goes a little bit wild on the show, which hopefully he did very well in the ratings. I’m sure he did, actually. But he goes a little bit wild, he brings it up, you’re bringing it up this morning. I didn’t bring it up. You’re bringing it up this morning. But we have to know what the problem is before we can solve the problem. These are people that don’t know what the problem is. They don’t want to admit what the problem is because it’s not politically correct to admit what the problem is, Joe.

Trump had more to say on Islam:

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