Don’t Tap Dance to Warren Buffett’s Fraudster Tune!

The day before Thanksgiving the CNBC Warren Buffett flattery blog told us that the wise and generous man wanted us to learn “the secret” of how to be happy about going to work: “Warren Buffett loves his job. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he ‘tap dances to work’ every morning.  And he’s happy to tell you how you can do it too.”

For the record I am very much not happy to listen to his garbage or the sycophantic interviews that beg for the pearls of wisdom to drop from his gracious, aged lips. But I am happy to tell you his real secret: get bailed out with billions of public money and/or debt.

Buffet is a chief apologist and also a beneficiary of the open coup that took place in September and October of 2008 that is known as T.A.R.P. (Troubled Asset Relief Program). He coined, indeed, one of the most disgusting Thanksgiving quotations of all time, a statement that should live in infamy forever:

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“That week around Lehman, if government hadn’t acted then I’d be having my Thanksgiving dinner at McDonald’s instead of a big turkey dinner at my daughter’s.”

So that’s the secret to keep the billionaire “tap dancing to work” and saving him from the humiliation of having to eat at the fast food places frequented by the plebes. The man who massively benefited from the bubble had to make sure all his investments were bailed out by an unconstitutional and criminal robbery of the American people. Hundreds of billions of dollars were transferred into the personal control of Hank Paulson, Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury (and Goldman-Sachs agent, for those who care), so now Buffett can tell you how he dances for joy.

For what it is worth: Buffett’s “secret” is a recipe for firing up more Occupy-Wall-Street Leftist malcontents. “Find your passion,” he says. Here’s a suggestion. Next time you put your trash out, wait for the truck and ask the people picking up your garbage if they have found their passion. Any “wisdom” that claims everyone should love their work is a passport to producing Marxist resentment. There are a multitude of jobs in society that need to be done that no one in his right mind would ever consider a passion. The challenge in life is to accept reality as it is, find a way to make a living, and be thankful that you are able to do so once you you have found that way.

I spent years servicing portapotties at a construction site, some of it on an overnight shift. It wasn’t as horrible a job as some people would imagine. I had a good boss and other comforts. The worse part about it was dealing with the graffiti, which effectively functioned as the site intranet—and was full of vile cartooning and complaining about other workers, management, and immigrants. Wonder what would happen if someone gave them Buffett’s advice.

It wasn’t my passion to service portapotties. What was I supposed to do? Get mad all the time that I was in the wrong job? I needed the money and I earned the money to keep the household budget afloat. And I was thankful that I had a job. I am still thankful I had that job and several others that couldn’t possibly be categorized as “my passion.”

People should be thankful that they can make a living, when God provides them with the means to do so. If they find a way to work in an area they are passionate about, then they can be more thankful. But people need to “tap dance” to work because they actually have a job. If you can’t be happy now, you might find you really won’t be happy if you get what you think will be a better one.

And Warren Buffett is a government-dependent loser. Be careful about anything he says.

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