We’re Doomed Again

I recently saw an off-duty LA Metro bus rolling down the street with its head sign switched to read “The End is Near.”

I don’t know if the driver was immersed in apocalyptic gloom or simply happy his shift was over, but the sentiment of his message seems to be running rampant thanks to a new release of global warming numbers from NASA and the NOAA, both of which claimed 2014 WAS THE HOTTEST YEAR … EVER!

Clearly, the time to stock up on sunscreen and buy fire insurance is nearing an end.

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The first and most important result of the NASA/NOAA announcements is that the New York Times and every other Left-Wing news outlet is running a variety of “this shows skeptics are bananas” stories. The second most import result is that enviro-wackos will seize on this opportunity to push legislation that will eventually have us all living in caves, sans the benefit of fire, which increases greenhouse gases.

Buried way, way, way down in the New York Times story, which is chock full of danger words like “extreme,” “relentless” and “damaging,” is the fact that NASA announced 2014 temperatures on average rose a whopping 0.02 degrees Celsius over the previous record year of 2010.

The NOAA’s results were even more “extreme,” posting at 0.04 degrees Celsius above 2010.

There’s also another group, called Berkeley Earth, that pronounced 2014 to be 0.01 degree above 2010.

So according to the spate of stories this weekend, temperatures are soaring, the oceans are on the verge of a mass extinction event, and we’re just doomed because the Earth couldn’t possibly handle the activities of one species that (according to Darwinists) evolved right here on the planet.

Before you book a moving van to the Morlock Kingdom, bear in mind that all this fuss is over the significance of hundredths of a degree, and that all the announced results are withing their studies’ statistical margin of error.

Also keep in mind that according to the computer climate models that are most widely used to predict climate, average temperatures should be much higher  than they are, yet reality continues to thumb its nose at climate predictions.

climateChangeThese reports also depend greatly on where you start counting from, as this graph of 30-year trends from the Watts Up With That website shows. That spike on the left? That’s 1914, long before all this evil industrialization that is supposedly killing the Earth.

If you go further back in time, there have been much warmer periods of history during which life on Earth got along just fine. Warmer temperatures add up to more free water and seem to be a boon for agriculture historically. For some reason, global warmists never seem to question that their leaders alone know what is the perfect temperature for Earth.

Lastly, the temperatures reported by NOAA and NASA, oddly, ignore satellite data and only report surface temperature recordings. Why? Because satellites don’t show any warming, but down on the surface, a global network of improperly set up and maintained weather stations supposedly can detect a difference of two one-hundredths of a degree.

If all the liberals act consistently with their proclaimed beliefs, they should all be heading for higher ground soon, so the good news is that it may be a good time to sell your mountain cabin and invest in beachfront property.

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