Dr. James White “Gets It” On Gay Marriage

The Reverend Dr. James R. White is a brilliant theologian and Christian apologist. He is one of the preeminent debaters on issues of faith, morality and philosophy, and he’s gone up against the best in the world. He also happens to be an outspoken (I guess that comes with the territory) defender of our liberty, and he’s never going to back down just because something is unpopular.

On Thursday night, Dr. White posted an important message to his social media that cut right to the quick of the “real” struggle happening on gay marriage. It’s a must read for anyone who doesn’t understand what is actually happening in our nation today.


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From Dr. White’s Facebook Page:

To every duped supporter of the destruction of the institution of marriage:

I realize you are too busy watching Game of Thrones and checking your most recent Tweets, but I have a message for you: you have been duped. Big time. And by the time you realize it—it will be way, way too late.

You see, as you sit there observing the destruction of the liberties of Christians (and not being overly concerned because, hey, that movie you saw had a great gay actor in it, and besides, you think 1 out of 4 Americans are gay anyway [it is actually 1.6%, or one out of 45 people], so why should you care about those religious zealots anyway?) you are blissfully unaware that the massive government system that is growing day by day (and spending the life savings of your great grandchildren in the process) could really care less about homosexuality and homosexuals. They are a convenient tool, a means of controlling—you, the dupes. You see, they could care less about how they get the power they crave, as long as they get it. And once they can force people to THINK the way they want them to think (beginning with forcing Christians to celebrate acts and lifestyles that their faith identifies as sinful, evil, and life-destroying), do you really think they will stop there, lay aside their new totalitarian power, and leave YOU alone? Oh, you can avoid any problems with Big Brother alright—as long as you are willing to think as you are told, do as you are told, believe as you are told. But if you dare step out of line—well, you better bake that cake, celebrate that wedding, and LIKE IT, or Big Brother will deal with you. And he will do it with the power YOU gave him because you didn’t care about the cost of liberty in the first place. I’d say “wake up,” but I don’t think you will hear me over the volume of your 50 inch flatscreen.


As you can imagine, Dr. White’s note drew a lot of criticism from liberal Facebook trolls. He responded to the criticism in a follow up post that got straight to the point.

Well, the responses to my note from last evening prove one thing: those who are duped LIKE being duped, and when faced with exposure AS duped, are unwilling to engage in critical thought. Which really looks like a fulfillment of, “If you refuse to love the truth, you will be caused to love a lie.”


Wow. That’s good stuff and pure, unadulterated truth.

It’s all about power. The gay lobby and the modern American left care nothing about the cover story’s they’ve developed… they care only for one thing – power. They will continue to move the goalposts so long as our culture allows them to, which currently give free reign to the oppression of the fascist left.


Check out Dr. White’s Website here – lots of great material and resources to look through.

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