Dr. Mom: Pregnant Doctor Delivers Baby, Starts Contractions Moments Later

Wow this is a remarkable story! A pregnant doctor was preparing to give brith to her second child, when she halts what she is doing and goes to deliver a patient’s baby. She’d reportedly just put on the hospital gown when she heard about another woman in labor, and that the baby was distressed. Realizing there was a problem, she quickly covered herself and waddled into the delivery room, safely delivering the baby.

Moments later, her own contractions started!

Dr. Hala Sabry, who founded the nonprofit Physician Moms Group, writes on Facebook that Dr. Hess knew it would take longer for the on-call physician to reach the baby in distress than for her to throw boots over her flip-flops and help.

So she jumped right in, telling NBC News, “I think we ought to have the baby.” Moments after delivering Leah Halliday Johnson’s fourth child, her own contractions kicked in, and she soon had her second daughter, Ellen Joyce.

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Dr. Hess stated, “I had actually taken a call the day before, so I thought really that I was working up to the last minute.” She continued, “But this was literally till the last second.”

Johnson says that she is grateful for Dr. Hess. “I appreciate what she did for my family, and it speaks a lot to who she is as a woman and a mother, as well as a doctor,” she continued, “It makes you feel better, bringing a baby girl into the world, knowing there are women like her willing to step up like that.”

Doctor Hala Sabry posted the following status to Facebook:

“Hats off to this #DrMom and member of Physician Moms Group #PMG, Dr. Amanda Hess! This picture was taken minutes after she delivered her second child, Ellen Joyce! Not only does she look like a stunning model but while she was getting into her patient gown to prepare for her induction and delivery she overheard the nurses preparing for a woman in active labor who needed to deliver immediately because the baby was in distress – that baby was coming and needed help! The patient’s OBGYN was on their way but Dr. Hess (an OBGYN herself) knew that the baby needed attention now! So, in her own words, she “put another gown on to cover my backside, put some splash boots on over my flip flops” and delivered that baby! She literally worked until the last second!!

Those mamas are bonded for life! And Baby Ellen (and her big sister Kate) will have fun hearing this story when they are older! Doctor moms consistently take care of their own families as well as their patients and their respective families all the time. Great job, Dr. Hess! Now enjoy your maternity leave!”

Wow, I can’t even imagine working just moment before giving birth. This is a remarkable woman! Dr. Mom will be talked about for years.

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