Drug Dealers Using Drones to Smuggle Drugs into US

If there is a way to smuggle illegal drugs into the US, Mexican drug cartels will find it. A friend of mine back in Arizona has shared some of the more unusual methods used by drug smugglers. They tried hiding drugs in every part of a vehicle possible, including hidden compartments. Drug dealers use planes, helicopters, boats, submarines and tunnels. Tons of illegal drugs are being carried on the backs of illegal aliens who agree to backpack the drugs in exchange for help crossing our border.

In one case, they had several kids swallow what they call drug balloons filled with cocaine. When the group of illegals were caught, US law enforcement physically searched adults and kids looking for drugs. They had a tip that drug balloons could be involved so they X-rayed all of the adults but found nothing. It wasn’t until one child complained of a tummy ache and had problems going to the bathroom that officials discovered the drug balloons in the kids.

On another occasion, they discovered small packets of drugs tied to rocks that had been thrown over a border fence for someone on the US side to recover. Yet another time they had stopped a group of illegals when one of agents noticed a woman looking ill and sweating profusely. They took her to a local medical facility that discovered the woman had drug filled breast implants and her incisions had gotten infected, making her ill.

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Earlier this week, US Customs and Border Protection reported:

“The U.S. Customs and Border Protection recovered approximately 30.8 pounds of marijuana dropped from a drone near San Luis, Arizona, Nov. 16, 2015.”

“This is the first drone drug incursion detected by CBP.”

“‘The highly effective enforcement techniques employed by Yuma Sector and throughout the Border Patrol often forces smuggling organizations to redirect their efforts,’ says Chief Patrol Agent Anthony J. Porvaznik. ‘As a result, they experiment with different techniques in an attempt to bring narcotics and other harmful contraband into the United States.  This means we must adapt and meet these new challenges.  Our agents’ vigilance was responsible for detecting this particular drone event, but we always encourage members of the public to assist our efforts by contacting the Border Patrol upon seeing suspicious activity.’”

“Yuma Station Border Patrol Agents observed an OctoCopter style drone illegally enter the San Luis airspace from San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico, and jettison a bundle. Aided by night vision goggles, agents were able to follow the drone to its drop point, where three bundles of marijuana – weighing approximately 10 pounds each – were discovered along the bank of a canal. The drugs had an estimated value of $15,430.”

I wonder if they got their idea from Amazon’s plans to use similar type octocopter drones to deliver packages to customers?

As I reported back on October 23, 2015, the 126 miles of the Yuma Sector has the most effective border protection of the entire US-Mexican border. Their triple fence, motion and seismic detectors along with the regular patrolling of agents equipped with some of the latest technology is allowing them to be approximately 92% successful in stopping illegal border crossings.

So I wasn’t surprised that it was agents working the Yuma Sector who spotted the drone and apprehended the illegal drugs. However, you have to wonder how many other drug traffickers are using drones to carrying their addictive family destroying drugs across our border?

Yet Barack Obama continues to lie to the American people by telling us that our borders are secure.

America needs a president who will take action to secure our border and stop the flood of illegal aliens and drugs. It can be done cheaper than anyone seems to realize. We already pay our military personnel, and our military has construction crews that are capable of building the triple border fence like we have in Yuma. That reduces labor costs to $0. The only cost to the government and the American people would be the materials, which would actually help create some jobs for the companies manufacturing the materials used.

As the fencing and monitors are built and installed, station military personnel to patrol and protect the border. Again, we are already paying them to be in the military and it makes more sense to pay them to protect our border rather than borders and cities half way around the world.

Then and only then can a president stand up and tell us that our southern border is secure.

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