Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

I’ve long been an advocate for mandatory drug testing for anyone getting government aide. And yes all of the liberal civil rights people claim it’s an invasion of privacy and all that other garbage. But where are these same civil rights activists when millions of Americans are required by their employers to have drug tests done first to qualify for a job and then to keep it?

If honest hard working Americans are required to take drug tests in order to earn their wages and pay their taxes, then shouldn’t those trying to live off of those taxes also have to take drug screening tests?

One Alabama state congressman feels the same way. Kerry Rich, newly elected to the Alabama State House of Representatives, is planning on introducing a bill that would require drug testing for all Alabama welfare recipients. Rich was part of a group of Republicans that took control of the Alabama legislature for the first time in 136 years, indicating a growing trend among voter dissatisfaction with Democratic performances.

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In a statement made by Rich, he said, “I’m fed up with being politically correct. We’re at a point in this country where we need to start telling it like it is and not worry if it hurts somebody’s feelings…I know it’ll be controversial, and I’ll be called every name in the book. They’ll say I’m mean and I don’t like poor people. But I promise you this: We’re trying to help these people so much that we’re actually hurting them. And that is completely upside down.”

According to Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard: “We wanted the people of Alabama to know that there were new sheriffs in town, and things were different…Why should the taxpayer be required to give money to somebody to go out and buy drugs with? “I’m sorry, I’ve just got a problem with that.”

And to no surprise, one of the local liberal Democrats, Rep. Napoleon Brady said: “We’re singling out certain groups of people, particularly the poor and powerless, and punishing them. Sadly, not much has changed since the civil rights days.”

Yes they’re singling out a specific group of people – drug users. What has trying to stop illegal drug users from using taxpayer dollars to buy their drugs, to do with the civil rights days or how is it punishing poor people? With this type of logic, no wonder the Dems lost control of the Alabama legislature.

This author applauds Rep. Rich and his fellow GOP House members and prays that they prove successful in this long overdue piece of legislation. I also hope and pray that GOP politicians in every state follows suit and helps to clean up part of the abused welfare system.

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