Dumbest Militant Gay Hot Take of the Day: Mayor Says Tire Marks on Street Over ‘Rainbow Crosswalk’ Must Be ‘Hate Crime’

For the dumbest hot take of the day, the Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario, thinks that the tire marks that have appeared on the gay “rainbow crosswalk” painting on the streets of his town must be a hate crime.

You read that right, making tire marks on a street is now a hate crime.

The stupid is strong with this one, folks.

This sorry tale of identity politics run wild comes from The Hamilton Spectator:

Black tire streaks on Hamilton’s new rainbow Pride crosswalk in front of city hall are causing some concern they were deliberately made by a driver spinning tires to vandalize the LGBTQ flag symbol.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger said there is some debate among staff as to whether the marks were made on purpose or are a normal occurrence of rubber wearing off tires on hot pavement in the dead of summer.

“I’m suspicious,” he said. “Just the way it (the marking) sits there. It’s odd that it’s just before and after the crosswalk (and into the crossing).”

The city engineer disputes the mayor’s silly political conclusion, of course.

David Ferguson, city supervisor of traffic engineering, said it’s always possible people may be doing burnouts or laying rubber on the crosswalks, but it is also possible the marks could be from tires wearing down in the heat and leaving marks on the hot pavement.

Ferguson said he hasn’t seen the marks, but noted that “usually a burnout is very distinct and very black.”

Apparently it didn’t occur to the mayor that slick paint in light colors laid down on a street just might cause hot tire to leave rubber marks during the summer months.

Oh, but, no. It HAS to be a hate crime, dontcha know?

Now, my fellow Americans, you might want to wave this off as just goofy Canadians being goofy Canadians. But, come on. You know darn well that the militant gays here in the good old U.S. of A. would say the exact same idiotic thing. And it’s all an attempt to push an agenda, we all know.

Twitter user Rob from Jersey had it just right…

Yep. That about covers it.

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