Durango Gun Club Requires NRA Membership and Gets Hassled by City

A few days ago I read an article about a gun club in Colorado. I was on the Durango Herald news site. Ah yes, the Herald. It’s where I go to get all my news. Oh, and the story was also reported on by Becket Adams of The Blaze.

The article was about the nonprofit Durango Gun Club and the trouble it’s having with the city of Durango Colorado. Durango – just saying it makes me think of the Duke, John Wayne.

As an aside, any liberals who may be reading this – I know what you’re thinking. How could the righteousness of the word “Nonprofit” be tainted by that incendiary word “Gun”? If it’s too painful, you may stop reading.

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way – down the business.

It seems the proprietors of the Durango Gun Club, this past December, decided to require all 700 of its members to join the NRA, if they hadn’t already.

Well, that didn’t sit well with the city. The Herald reported that the city manager Ron LeBlanc said, “We told them either to stop or get evicted – I think that’s pretty clear.”

You see, apparently requiring the members to join a “political” organization like the NRA is advancing an “extremist” political viewpoint.

I wonder if they would have the same complaint if the members were required to join the Center for American Progress, the SEIU, or any union. Just asking?

The gun club’s president, John Malarsie, issued a statement that it was never the club’s “intention or purpose to promote or advance what you describe as the NRA’s extreme political agenda.”

So why rescind the requirement at all? It’s a private, members-only club. Can’t they require anything they want, within reason?

Yes, I suppose they can – but here’s the rub – and why I’m coming out against the gun club. This gun-totin’ Common Constitutionalist is siding with the city against a gun club?

No, I’m not siding with the city. But, you see, the Gun Club of Durango is provided an indoor shooting range, by the city, at no charge. It also “leases” an outdoor range from the county or $1 per year.

And that’s why I can’t side with the private club. You dance with the devil and eventually you will get burned. It may take 50 years, which is how long they’ve been “leasing” the facilities, but if you make deals with public sector, eventually you’ll be pressured into bowing to their will.

Granted, 50 years ago, things were a lot different. But in today’s anti-gun, hysterical environment, one should expect the reaction they got.

So if this or any other club wishes to continue a relationship with the public sector, it should expect more harassment, interference and threats. Just look at how organizations like the Boy Scouts have been treated.

This club would be better off to start looking into ways to cut ties with the city, rather than kowtow to demands that will now probably start escalating.

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