Dwayne “The President” Johnson? Campaign Forms to Push ‘Run the Rock 2020’

Many people are considering their run as a presidential candidate after Donald Trump won. He was not a politician, but rather a business man and and actor and won the election. He is not the typical, conventional presidents that we are used to.

One of the people who are being rumored at possibly taking a go at the position is actor, former pro-wrestler, and heart throb Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

An official campaign committee has actually been created by a West Virginia man. They are attempting to draft The Rock into becoming America’s rock in the 2020 election.

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Breitbart reports:

The organization “Run the Rock 2020” was officially registered with the Federal Election Commission on July 9, according to a Statement of Organization on the FEC website. The entity appears to be the first official effort to draft the 45-year-old Baywatch star, who reportedly holds dual American-Canadian citizenship, into the presidential fray.

The committee was registered by one Kenton Tilford, who listed a West Virginia address as the organization’s headquarters.

Emails seeking more information sent to addresses listed for Mr. Tilford and for the “Run the Rock 2020” organization were not immediately returned.

So is Johnson even really interested in running? It’s hard to say. The rumors have been swirling but he has not actually come out and publicly stated that he is running.

Whether he runs or now, Johnson is actually quite the inspiration w hen it comes to motivation and reaching your goals. He was told many times that he wouldn’t make it in his different life adventures, but he pursued them nonetheless. He said on Instagram:

“I know saying “F*ck that” isn’t the most eloquent of terms but it’s the most direct way I am when it comes to being told I can’t accomplish something.  When I was cut from the Canadian Football League and wanted to start training to become a pro-wrestler, I was told these words (literally), “You have nothing to offer the wrestling business stick with football”. Years later here I am.  When my goal was to transition from wrestling to film I was told.. “You’ll make two or three movies tops, then your career will fizzle out”. Years later here I am. I could’ve listened to the cynics and doubted myself, but instead I went with what I trust most – my gut and my own two hands. If you feel something deep in your bones you need to accomplish… you gotta say fuck that and go for it. ”

That’s the spirit!

It is unclear, IF he were to run, what party he would choose to affiliate himself with.

Leave it all on the set. Back when I was a punk kid my dad would take me to the gym on weekends and kick the shit outta me in the weight room and on the wrestling mats. He’d say you didn’t get up early to come here and give half ass effort. Leave it all in the gym. Years later when I played ball at The U, we applied the same principles: we left it all on the field. When I became a pro wrestler, that was part of my nightly pre match prayer. Asked for the strength to leave it all in ring – whether I was wrestling in flea markets or sold out stadiums. Leaving it all…means you give every f*cking ounce of effort you can, to give the best performance you can give. Whatever it is you do, whatever job you have.. at the end of the day, leave it all there. Rampage has been the most physically grueling role of my career. Got my ass kicked and handed back to me the whole movie. But I’m grateful to go to bed 💯 satisfied I left it all on the set. Who the fuck am I kidding, I don’t sleep, but if I did, I still left it all on the set. #LeaveItAllPhilosophy #Rampage

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