Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Not Most Dangerous Criminal in US – Obama Is

This past week, every American was led to believe that Boston Marathon bomber and terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the most dangerous criminal in all the country.  All of the evidence points to his guilt in placing the bombs that killed several people and injured a couple hundred others.  He ran over his own fatally injured older brother in his attempt to escape a fierce shootout with police.  He is also accused of murdering an MIT security officer.  His apartment was filled with more bombs and bomb making equipment.

Surely this 19 year old had evil and violent intentions.  He had no regard for the lives of innocent people – men, women or children.  Evidence indicates that he was not finished with his reign of terror.  Had he not been wounded and captured, surely many more innocent Americans would have been killed and wounded.

However, I contend that he is not the most dangerous criminal who was at large this past week, but in fact it is none other than President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama.

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Since taking office, he has repeatedly defiled the office of President by violating the US Constitution and the federal laws of the land.  He has illegally bypassed Congress and declared law as only a dictator would.  He has also illegally bypassed Congress by declaring certain laws, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, would not be enforced by the Department of Justice.

Obama has intentionally weakened the US military to the point of making the nation more vulnerable to attack than we were in 1941.  He has intentionally allowed a massive influx of Muslims who have one purpose in mind and that is the Islamic takeover of America.  If you don’t believe me, checkout Dearborn, Michigan and Murfreesboro, Tennessee and see how the Muslims have been replacing American ways and laws with Muslim ways and sharia law.

Obama is now waging war against the American citizens, only many of them are too stupid to realize it.  In the past four years, Obama has changed the face of American law.  He has been systematically removing our God given and constitutional rights.  Americans no longer have the right to free speech, to religion, to bear arms without infringement, the right to privacy, nor do the states have any of their 10th Amendment rights over the federal government.

Obama has condemned one American act abroad after another, yet has repeatedly failed to defend American citizens being held by other countries.  He is supplying arms and billions of dollars to countries who have vowed to destroy America while turning his back and insulting some of our longtime allies such as Israel.

Now, Obama is preparing to once again illegally bypass Congress to implement his anti-gun and anti-constitutional laws which are a direct violation of the Second Amendment.  His own Democratic controlled Senate was unable to muster enough votes to pass the anti-Second Amendment bills, so, according to Vice President Joe Biden, Obama is preparing to use his executive orders to make his own laws.  This is the very thing that our Founding Fathers tried to protect against by creating a three-branch form of government.  But Obama has assumed the role of dictator, not president, and is acting against the rules and laws of our government.

If he is allowed to proceed with his illegal dictatorial ways, there is certain to be another American revolution and thousands, perhaps millions of Americans will die.  It will undoubtedly lead to the worst and bloodiest period in American history, even worse that the American Civil War of the 1860s.

Barack Obama is a far more dangerous criminal than Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and poses a far greater threat to our national security and the American people than any other person in history.  He is a traitor to the nth degree and should be charged, tried, convicted, condemned and punished as such.

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