Earth Is No Happy Accident

The other evening, I watched a program about planet Earth and how it was formed and so on. Throughout the program the “scientists” were constantly telling the viewers of how lucky we are to be placed in the universe where we are, how everything just seemed to come together for planet Earth, or something like that.

At the time I thought nothing about the program. Then Saturday morning, I awoke early, got my coffee, sat in my chair and began to write. I wrote the title of my next article, and that’s as far as I got.

I gazed up from the page and stared at some plants in front of a large sliding glass door. For reasons unknown, I began to hypothesize how large I could get them to grow if I somehow pumped up the CO2 in the room. Makes sense right? No? Well I thought it anyway.

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Of course, I thought, too much and I wouldn’t survive and how much is too much for the plants? The balance would have to be just right.

At this point I guess I was just daydreaming. My gaze went from the plants to outside where the sun was just up and the sky was becoming blue. Then it hit me.

It is an absolute miracle that we are here. I conjured up the image of Earth in my mind – of that big beautiful blue marble floating in space with nothing but lifelessness around. You know the image – that one they always show in space movies.

I thought – just look at our situation in the cosmos, as Carl Sagan liked to say. Think of what had happened to get us to the point we are now. And then tell me there is no God. Tell me we are – this planet – this one lone rock is not the result of “intelligent design.”

Think about all the “happy scientific coincidences” that had to occur for us to come into being. Then tell me that’s all it was and is.

According to scientists, the Earth formed from space junk at just the right distance from the sun – the Goldilocks zone – not too close, not too far – just right.

Then as the Earth cooled, liquid water formed, some say by comets impacting Earth. Like some on-time delivery system, I guess the comets just knew when to show up.

Then oxygen formed and flooded our atmosphere and formed a magical ozone barrier to keep the air in and the bad stuff out. Like a giant Ziploc bag. Well that was “intelligent,” wasn’t it?

Wow, look at all the “happy scientific coincidences”! We sure were/are lucky, eh? It’s almost as if someone designed it.

Anyway, with the water now oxygenated, life could form, and evolve over millions of years, moving from water to land and before you know it, here we are.

It’s a miracle … oh wait … no it’s not … it was all a series of happy accidents. That’s a much more plausible explanation then there is a God, an intelligent designer that placed this one planet in the perfect, no, the only position that it could be in to survive and form life.

So far at least, we are on the only living rock we know of in the entire universe, and it’s not from lack of searching. Earth, a happy accident? Not hardly.

It wouldn’t be just one accident to make it happen but billions and billions of them.

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