Ebola Doublespeak is the Goal in the Pick of Czar Ron Klain

Since last Friday, the Right has been all a Twitter (literally) over Obama’s choice for Ebola Czar. Many are asking, how could he do such a thing – appointing a political operative – one who has no medical background at all?
Talk Radio, the blogosphere, Fox News were/are all appalled at the choice of a non-physician or other medical expert to head the new layer of red tape just created.

Yes, a new Czar is what we need, because apparently the other umpteen government departments that are already supposed to deal with medical, health and disease issues can’t or won’t do the job and evidently no department in government has the common sense to coordinate with another on its own. Some Czar has to be appointed to tell them to.

So the right is livid and confused over the choice, while those on the left are either defending Obama’s choice or are silent. My guess is the ones who are silent are either running for reelection or didn’t get the talking points memo, or both.
One who did get the memo, or probably wrote it, is Media Matters. In typical leftist fashion Media Matters didn’t defend the new Czar Ron Klain, but walked the typical path of change the topic through “Gotcha Politics” and “Moral Relativism.”
They brought up the old, “well Bush did it too” argument – pointing to the 2004 appointment of Stewart Simonson as the “Bird Flu Czar.”

Like Klain, Media Matters points out that Simonson had no medical background, although they did have to admit that Stewart was assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Public Health Emergency Preparedness. At the time, the left questioned that choice much as the right is doing today.

I’m not defending Stewart Simonson. I’m no fan of the Bush administration and their collection of establishment hacks but there is a big difference.

Between 2003 and 2006, four full years, the cases of Avian Flu, or bird flu, numbered 184 and deaths were 103. Hardly an epidemic since the flu kills many people each year.

All the cases were in third-world countries – eight to be exact. There was not a single case in the West or any developed country, much less the United States. Most were concentrated in rural Southeast Asia.

Also, and this is kind of important, the bird flu can only be contracted by direct contact or handling of infected birds, like chickens. It cannot be passed from human to human.

So we’re not exactly comparing apples to apples, but you wouldn’t know that by reading the Media Matters’ piece.

They did, however, dedicate almost an entire sentence to the difference between the two diseases saying “the bird flu never claimed a life in the United States,” but they spelled “States” wrong.

Look – everyone, or at least most everyone, is missing the point on this appointment.

Obama doesn’t want a doctor or medical professional as Czar. He needs a slick political operative who can think on his feet – skilled at doubletalk and filibuster.
As some of us have explained, Obama’s appointment of Ron Klain has nothing at all to do with Ebola, a hangnail, or the common cold. It’s about immigration, executive amnesty, and keeping our borders open at all cost.

During a presser, a doctor might cave or slip up and have a moment of honesty and candor. Well, we can’t have that. Someone like Ron Klain, who has worked closely with Al Gore and Joe Biden has to be a slickster. He will know how to speak without saying anything. Obama is counting on Klain to maintain the status quo at the border and clamp down on any talk to close it.

That’s what Obama must have and that’s, most likely, when he got in Ron Klain.

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