Ebola Far Worse than What’s Being Reported

How much do you really know about the Ebola virus? Are you relying on the reports from the mainstream media?

The media is reporting the figures provided to them by the World Health Organization which currently state that there have been 5,800 cases of Ebola and 2,800 deaths. But would you believe that those figures may only account for about 20% of Ebola cases and deaths?

Ken Isaacs, Vice President of Samaritan’s Purse stated:

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“There was a report, I think it was in one of the national newspapers, that the World Health Organization is saying they believe that the reporting, the numbers of infected and dead, may only be 20 percent of what it actually is.”

Knowing that, now consider the predictions issued by the Centers for Disease Control stating that there could be 21,000 Ebola cases by the end of September and as many as 1.4 million cases by the end of January.

Isaacs commented about these figures, saying:

“1.4 million is … unimaginable, but I keep thinking, ‘In December, what if there were 100,000 cases? In December there won’t be 100,000 beds in all of these systems. So something has to happen to interrupt the transmission rate of the disease.”

The problem Isaac and his ministry sees is that every single Ebola infected person ends up infecting three to five other people. Ebola is spread by direct contact with body fluids which include blood, urine, feces, saliva, vomit & genital secretions. Although it is not spread through the air, a person’s sneezing or coughing can send infected saliva into the air and anyone in close contact could be infected. The mortality rate varies from 60% up to as high as 90% in some areas.

That means that 5,000 infected people could infect 25,000 others in the matter of a couple of weeks. A couple weeks later those 25,000 could infect 125,000. One month later, that number could jump to 3,125,000 and the numbers just explode after that.

I still claim that there is a very real danger of the Ebola virus spreading to the US. Illegals from a number of African countries have already been caught trying to cross our border with Mexico. All it would take is just one infected person from one of the West African countries, where the Ebola virus has been running rampant, to enter the country illegally and start a nationwide outbreak of the deadly disease.

Yet, Barack Obama still refuses to admit that there is any danger nor has he been willing to take any measures to secure the border to reduce the chance of anything happening. He sees millions of illegal voters as being far more important than the lives of millions of American citizens.

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