Ebola: Obama’s Road to US Dictatorship

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama suddenly rose from inexperience and obscurity to the Oval Office, I’ve been a firm believer that he has his sights set on becoming America’s first permanent dictator.

During his time in office, he has executed a number of executive orders and resolutions that would give him complete control over all forms of communications, banking and commerce. He’s already reshaped and gutted the military and removed any top brass who would not fire upon US citizens if ordered to do so.

For the past few years, I expected our economy to collapse due to Obama’s failed policies. His spending has been out of control, running up more deficit than all of the presidents combined before him. His jobs programs or lack thereof only worked to reduce the number of jobs available. He set a record of 40 consecutive months with an unemployment rate of 8.0% or higher. He sunk billions of dollars into green energy projects that have turned into dismal failures.

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I considered the possibility of his immigration policies adding to his desire to collapse the nation, but it hasn’t had the severe negative impact needed. He tried to push a Cap and Trade program that would have crippled thousands of businesses and put more people out of work, but Republicans managed to defeat it so far.

Then there have been Obama’s efforts to disarm Americans, a tactic used in other countries to help a political takeover, but that too was stopped by conservatives. And let’s not forget Obamacare which was also designed to force millions of people to buy health insurance that they cannot afford. It’s also designed to raise billions in taxes and trample on the rights of Christians and employers.

It appeared that everything Obama has done was designed to fail and throw the economy into chaos, but somehow his plans were thwarted and the economy, although still tenuous, seems to be recovering.

So what can Obama turn to that would allow him to declare a national state of emergency and institute marital law? How about a nationwide Ebola outbreak? Imagine the unstoppable spread of the highly infectious lethal disease let loose here in the US. It would set up the perfect scenario for Obama to shut everything down and assume complete dictatorial control of the nation. He would use all of his existing executive edicts to take control of every aspect of government and private life, including seizing all of your money held in various forms of savings and investments.

Don’t forget that the Department of Homeland Security purchased several billion rounds of ammunition along with thousands of assault rifles and other weaponry. Lastly, there is also a law on the books that would allow the federal government to indefinitely detain dissidents like myself without filing any charges or revealing where they are being held.

Remember the movie, The Perfect Storm, based on the real life tragedy of a fishing boat that was lost at sea when three weather patterns joined forces, creating a rare and powerful storm? Ebola just may be the final ingredient for Obama’s perfect storm.

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