Ebola Safety Measures Not Stopping Spread of Virus

Barack Obama and the CDC continue to tell the American people that there is no real danger or threat of an outbreak of Ebola here in the US. They say they have every safety precaution ready to keep the deadly virus from spreading.


Let’s start with Thomas Eric Duncan who recently died from Ebola. Duncan is from Liberia, one of the hardest hit countries with the Ebola virus. He traveled to Dallas to visit family. A short time later, he went to the hospital with a 103ºF fever with other flu-like symptoms. The hospital ignored the fact that he had just flown here from Liberia and released Duncan back into the world.

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A couple of days later, Duncan returned to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having the Ebola virus. That means that there were several days before and after his first hospital visit where he was highly contagious and exposing others to the deadly virus.

The safety protocols at the hospital obviously broke down.

But once Duncan was in the hospital, we were told that the hospital staff was using every precaution to keep from spreading the deadly virus. Then Nina Pham, one of the nurses that attended to Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola. She was immediately quarantined in the hospital and we were again assured that every safety precaution was being taken to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading.

Now we are hearing that a second nurse, Amber Joy Vinson, who also treated Duncan, has contracted Ebola. Obviously the safety precautions used by the hospital were not sufficient to contain the Ebola virus and keep it from spreading to others.

After treating Duncan and knowing that Pham had contracted Ebola from him, Vinson planned on taking a flight on Frontier Airlines to visit family. Before boarding, Vinson was running a fever of 99.5 ºF. She called the CDC and told them about her fever and they said that as long as it was below 100.4 ºF that it was okay for her board the plane and she did.

Now she has Ebola and officials are taking a look at the plane, which flew five more times after Vinson’s flight, and the flight crew. The plane is being disinfected and the flight crew is being monitored. What if Vinson had coughed or sneezed while on board the flight? What if she rubbed her nose or eyes and then touched something in the plane like the tray or seat belt? They say that the Ebola virus can survive on dry surfaces for several hours, but in bodily fluids like blood, saliva, mucus, snot, urine feces, it can survive for several days.

It’s obvious to me that the safety precautions we’re are supposed to be relying on are NOT working.

Now Obama is sending 3,000 US troops to the Ebola areas in Africa to help. They are supposed to be using the same safety equipment and precautions as was used by the hospital and look what happened there. How many of our soldiers are going to contract the disease and bring it back here. I just heard that troops from Ft. Campbell, here in Kentucky, are preparing to head to Africa to help. I don’t find that very reassuring.

To be honest, I firmly believe that Obama wants an Ebola outbreak here in the US and that his sending the troops to Africa to help is one of the ways of bringing more cases back here and spreading it around the country. Why do I believe that? Read my article titled – Ebola: Obama’s Road to US Dictatorship and you’ll find out.

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