Economic Realities Contradict Obama’s Story Telling

As President Obama strategizes for his re-election race against Mitt Romney, his camp is said to be crafting a tale of Republican intransigence in Congress and a brave little Democrat president who goes around their roadblocks whenever possible for the American public’s own good.

The theme is said to be “We Can’t Wait,” and it’s expected to be the thrilling tale of how President Obama singlehandedly has pulled America out of recession despite balking Republicans who just won’t go along for the good of the country.

Like usual with this administration, it’s a pack of lies and distortions.

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Economists can always find some number in some report to uphold their pet theory about the current direction of the economy. But for those of us on the front lines — lower- to middle-income workers with families — the recession never ended. In fact, it’s only gotten worse under Obama’s lackadaisical socialist approach.

In my own life, I’ve encountered plenty of stories that illustrate what a disaster Obama has truly been.

MaryAnne G. is one such victim of the Obama economy. An investment banker in her fifties, she for many years made a living helping small businesses make deals nationally or in foreign nations to help their companies grow.  She was quite good at her job, and it was financially lucrative enough that she was able to raise a large family in a comfortable split-level home in an exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Since Obama’s election, she said, the investors and businesses she used to deal with are all trying to hold on to whatever money they have and avoiding new deals.

A little over a week ago, she was crying on the phone, explaining how the bank had given her 45 days to pack up and leave her home of 20-plus years.

Instead of closing million-dollar deals, she was hoping to hear back from a recruiter for a company that would pay her in a month a third of what she used to make in a week. For the first time, she was considering taking in boarders to help defray costs so she could stay in her home.

Then there’s the case of Peter H., a former Christian divinity student with an advanced degree in business administration. He had thought that his career lay in government, and he went to work for Ventura County, California.

Initially, it paid well enough that he was able to afford a modest mobile home for himself and his elderly mother.

Since the double whammy of Obama in the White House and Gov. “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown in the statehouse, Peter has been transferred to an office that requires him to commute more than 50 miles one way.

In addition to taking a beating from the price of gas, rumors have circulated that his department is facing cuts due to Sacramento’s perpetual budget problems. Meanwhile, the space rent on his mobile home has risen precipitously because mobile home park owners have a powerful voice in Sacramento and Washington, and no one will stop them.

Peter too was sincerely considering taking in roommates as a stopgap measure to prevent his eviction.

Marvin R. used to work construction in Beverly Hills. Life was so good before Obama’s presidency that Marvin owned three cars and a nice house. He said he used to not think twice about spending $125 on a pair of shoes.

In the past three years, his work has dried up and he has lost it all. At one point, he was living in his car.

Now, for the first time since coming to this country legally from Guatemala, he survives by soliciting day labor moving jobs in front of a local U-Haul store.

Marvin remains optimistic. “God wants good things for us,” he said. “It says that in the Bible. Whenever something bad happens, God has something better. You just have to keep your faith.”

And vote out Obama. …

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