Egypt Proving to be Sign of Obama’s Failing Foreign Policies

For thirty years, Egypt was rule by Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak.  He assumed control of the ancient nation upon the assassination of Egypt’s third president, Anwar El Sadat.

During his reign as Egypt’s fourth president, Mubarak was known for his strict and harsh dealings with any opposition.  His dictatorial rule led to the civilian revolt earlier this year.  The Obama administration supported the revolt and offered aid to the new ruling force running the nation.

Interestingly, Mubarak had outlawed the militant group known as the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are now part of the ruling committee that the Obama administration is supporting even though this organization has openly condemned the US and anything that represents the US.

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The success of Obama’s foreign policy in Egypt was evident this week as Egyptian police raided several American based non-profit groups, along with several Egyptian civil rights groups.  Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) entered the offices of the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and Freedom House, where they seized computers including personal laptops and files.  Some workers were detained inside the offices for hours after the raids.  All three of the non-profit groups receive US funding as they carry out their work helping Egyptians with their civil rights.

A number of civil rights activists believe the raids are being carried out by those in the new military ruling committee that remain loyal to Mubarak and are trying to suppress any more civil uprisings through whatever means they can.  An example of the military rulers’ influence could be seen when an Egyptian court acquitted a policeman that had been accused of the needless killing of a protester.

So while the Obama administration continues to offer support to the ‘new’ Egypt, they in turn brazenly launch an assault against US funded non-profits that are trying to help the Egyptian people.  Way to go Mr President in racking up another failure in your growing list of accomplishments.

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