Egypt’s ‘Democracy’ Deteriorating Daily as Bodies Hung in Bus Station

The “Arab Spring” that was intended to be one of the shining jewels in the Obama Administration’s treasury of accomplishments continues to decay.

It never was what President Obama and his minions portrayed it as anyway. Far from being the birth of a widespread democracy movement amid medieval Muslim dictatorships, it rapidly became obvious to most of the world that the “Arab Spring” was about installing the Muslim Brotherhood and its kindred radical Islamists in the halls of power.

The September 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead was just one symptom of the disease that spread through the Muslim world with the “Arab Spring.” The Administration had used its influence and military resources in fighting a short but illegal war against strongman Moammar Gadhaffi.

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Obama never went before Congress to even inform them of what the U.S. was doing in the region, much less to ask for a declaration of war. His duplicity came back to bite him in Benghazi when local al-Qaida-linked militia members who had helped remove Gadhaffi turned around and used U.S.-supplied arms to attack the U.S. mission, which was not an embassy but a weapons-smuggling operation run by the CIA to arm “rebels” in Syria.

Syria is shaping up to be another disaster for this Administration as the so-called civil war drags on due to the involvement of the U.S. and Russia on opposite sides. Now there are rumblings that the “rebels,” many of whom are from those same al-Qaida-linked groups we’ve been fighting for more than a decade, want to turn south and attack Israel, our putative ally.

The other poster child for Obama’s “democracy” movement is Egypt, which elected the Muslim Brotherhood candidate to the country’s presidency and which has descended further into darkness ever since.

Mass violence never really stopped in Egypt. It was just directed toward Christians and Jews, who have been intimidated, arrested, beaten, raped and killed as Muslims have gone on sporadic rampages of looting, burning and destroying homes, synagogues and churches.

The mob violence continues to grow worse as the country is overcome by the spirit of depravity. On Sunday, in a crowded bus station an hour’s drive outside of Cairo, an angry mob lynched two men and hung their bodies upside down for all to see.

The photos are grisly and clearly show the two bloody bodies above a bus station platform overflowing with a throng of angry people. The men were stripped and clearly beaten severely.

According to security officials, a crowd of about 3,000 shouted “Kill them! Kill them!” as the leaders of the lynching and dozens of other people murdered the two men, who had been accused of stealing a rickshaw.

Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky has condemned the growing lawlessness in his country. “The meting out of rough justice on thugs and outlaws,” Mekky said, “as well as blocking roads and highways by citizens, are signs of the state’s death. … The government that allows this to happen is an unjust government, because it does not afford citizens with adequate protection.”

If Egypt is an unjust government by its justice minister’s own admission, what does that make the United States, which sends military aide and fighter jets to Egypt?

Maybe if the media could lay off questions about Obama’s golf game or popularity polls, they could ask him.

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