Elementary School Hosts Cross-Dressing Day For 1st and 2nd Graders

It’s cases like this that should prompt parents to get their kids out of government schools. Now, if parents want to do this sort of thing at home, then that’s their business. The problem here is that these are how tax dollars are being spent.

As part of “school spirit week” at a Milwaukee elementary school, the student council decided on “gender bender day,” where 1st and 2nd graders would come to school cross-dressed. Obviously, this left some of the parents rather speechless. They didn’t like the idea of sending their 6 and 7-year-old boys off to school wearing dresses.

Oh, but they’re too young to know what they’re doing, so people just need to stop trying to create controversy. That’s just what one school board member said:

 “My son-in-law remembers having the same kind of day in a Lutheran school in Sheboygan. This is nothing new. I don’t think the kids were thinking about sexual orientation.”

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 It happened in a Lutheran school, so it must be just fine. And it might be true that they have little or no concept of sexual orientation at that age. But some of the kids were still left confused as to why they were being asked by their principal to come to school dressed like the opposite sex. Just because a small child may not know or understand exactly what he’s doing doesn’t mean it must be OK.

School officials tried to quell the controversy a little by changing the name of the day from “gender bender day” to “switch it up day” and clarifying that the activity was simply a way to have fun, and that it was completely voluntary.

As it turned out, not many students participated in the cross-dressing fun, and some parents kept their kids home that day. The ones that had the most fun participating were the teachers and other staff members. Adults.

It kind of makes you wonder who was really behind this silly “transgender day,” as one parent called it. They say it was the student council who thought it up, but it turned out not to be too popular among the student body. However, adult males were more than happy to prance around in dresses and makeup; and women were delighted to walk around in male attire sporting fake mustaches.

Instead of parents getting all bent out of shape over this, they should react by taking their kids out of government schools while their kids are still young.

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