Elizabeth Warren Behind Occupy Wall Street Movement

Following in the footsteps of former Vice President Al Gore who claimed to have invented the Internet, Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is claiming that she created the intellectual foundation behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.

So what is the intellect of the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Blaming the Jews and bankers for all of the problems, demanding redistribution of all wealth, $20 per hour minimum wage, every person in the country paid a livable wage even they are not working, eliminating the use of all fossil fuels, removing international boundaries, free college education for everyone, spending $1 trillion on infrastructure, spend another $1 trillion for ecological restoration, and the forgiveness of all debts worldwide.

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If these demands were met, it would mean the complete financial collapse of the United States and probably the rest of the world with it.  Ninety percent of businesses would go broke if they had to pay a minimum wage of $20 per hour.  Besides our nation has a huge population that is extremely lazy and believes that the government should support them rather than the other way around, so if they are given a livable income for not working, in all likelihood, the majority of them would remain at home on their lazy butts and not work.

These Occupy idiots think conditions are bad now, what are they going to do when most of America’s industries are shut down?  And how do they expect the government to survive with an additional $2 trillion of debt that we can’t pay for?  That would most assuredly take the nation’s credit ratings down, making it all that much harder to pay off the debt.

If the demands of the Occupy group were met, it would make the Great Depression look like a minor recession compared to what the nation would go through.

And Elizabeth Warren is taking credit for the intellectual foundation behind it all?

The people of Massachusetts need to wake up and smell the destruction of their lifestyle as they know it.  If they are that stupid and Warren gets elected, heaven forbid, it will be another nail in America’s coffin, and I don’t know how much longer we can keep pulling the nails out before there are too many pull.

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