Elizabeth Warren Praises Her Idol, The State, And Curses Shutdown Blasphemers

Once again we hear about these “anarchists” who have allegedly infiltrated Congress. Against them, Senator Elizabeth Warren sings the praises of “government.”

I’ve already pointed out that this “anarchism” is a false charge driven by a need to have an enemy to unite against. Harry Reid was singing from the same sheet music. If possible, Warren’s hymn to her god, the mega-state, is even more hysterical and unhinged.

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Warren acts as if she is speaking about people who repudiate all civil order. But as she defends “government” it becomes obvious she does not mean the basics forms of justice like civil courts. She means some of the deepest, darkest Federal bureaucracies. Without them, we would all kill each other:

“When was the last time the anarchy gang called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children’s toys? Or for inspectors to stop checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria? Or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in our babies?”

Seriously? Can you imagine a world in which McDonald’s or WalMart would sell toys that poison children? Or pass off diseased meat to make their customers sick? Even now, whenever there is an outbreak (FDA notwithstanding) of sickness due to meat, the seller immediately warns everyone and takes dramatic steps to fix the problem.

Plus, no one wants to do away with courts and police to enforce court decisions. Any business that sells diseased meat would be sued.

Warren’s description of life in North America without bureaucracies policing the continent from coast to coast gets more bizarre:

“The Food & Drug Administration makes sure that the white pills that we take are antibiotics and not baking soda.”

Because without a Federal agency people would be able to get away with that. All the stores trying to maintain a name brand with the public, all the doctors, and all the lawyers and courts in all the states would be powerless to protect us from buying pills that pretended to be antibiotics but were really baking soda. That’s what would happen. If you say otherwise, you must be an anarchist.

Her next sentence tells us that, without the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, GE, Ford, Toyota, and all the other automobile companies would sell cars with unsafe brakes. Obviously, in Warren’s world, these companies are run by psychopaths who are stopped from harming us by the Federal agency. Other than government regulations, such people have no other reason to make sure the cars they sell under their name have working brakes.

We all remember from history textbooks how Henry Ford intentionally made cars without safe brakes and sold them to the public. Since he made cars before there was a Highway Traffic Safety Administration what else would he possibly want to do? That’s why he became successful as, year after year, Americans bought his cars with those bad brakes rather than purchase cars from his competitors.

“The Consumer Products Safety Commission makes sure that baby’s car seats don’t collapse in a crash.”

Because an unsafe child seat that hurt a baby wouldn’t have to face any liability issues along with loss of market share. In a society without a Consumer Products Safety Commission it would be impossible to buy a safe child seat.

Yet Warren says democracy solves everything. All these homicidal fraudsters selling poison medicine, diseased meat, and unsafe cars and baby seats can get together with the stupidly vulnerable dupes who keep them in business. From their votes we now have a government that restrains the homicidal and protects the marks—not one that provides cover for the swindlers and false security to the marks.

Now I can see why Warren sounds so worshipful. Getting good government from that kind of people is more miraculous than the virgin birth.

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