Emails Prove Obama Administration Refused to Help Benghazi Victims

Just how many lies have the Obama administration told Congress and the American people about what happened at the US State Department compound in Benghazi, Libya?

First they lied to us by telling us the attack was prompted by an unknown garage-made anti-Islamic film that virtually no one had ever seen. A short time later when that was proven to be a lie, they lied about saying it in the first place.

When the bodies of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty arrived back in Washington DC, Barack Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta all promised the families that they would keep them informed about how their sons died. That was in 2012 and three years later they have heard nothing from any of the three lying politicians.

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When asked about having any foreknowledge of the attack or indication that the Benghazi compound was in danger, Clinton stated no, she had no knowledge of danger or impending attack. Yet emails revealed that Ambassador Stevens had been warning Clinton of a growing danger and asking for more security. Even after the emails surfaced, Clinton continued to lie to Congress and the American people claiming that she knew nothing of Steven’s emails and requests.

Then Clinton and Panetta were asked why they didn’t send any help once they learned of the attack on Benghazi. Once again they lied to Congress and the American people by saying that there was not enough time to bring a team together and get them to Benghazi in time to help.

However, thanks to the efforts of Judicial Watch, we learn that Clinton and Panetta were lying again. JW reported:

“Judicial Watch today released a new Benghazi email from then-Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash to State Department leadership immediately offering ‘forces that could move to Benghazi’ during the terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. In an email sent to top Department of State officials, at 7:19 p.m. ET, only hours after the attack had begun, Bash says, ‘we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.’ The Obama administration redacted the details of the military forces available, oddly citing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption that allows the withholding of ‘deliberative process’ information.

Bash’s email seems to directly contradict testimony given by then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta before the Senate Armed Services Committee in February 2013. Defending the Obama administration’s lack of military response to the nearly six-hour-long attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Panetta claimed that ‘time, distance, the lack of an adequate warning, events that moved very quickly on the ground prevented a more immediate response.’

The first assault occurred at the main compound at about 9:40 pm local time – 3:40 p.m. ET in Washington, DC. The second attack on a CIA annex 1.2 miles away began three hours later, at about 12 am local time the following morning – 6 p.m. ET.

The newly released email reads:

From: Bash, Jeremy CIV SD [REDACTED]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 7:19 PM
To: Sullivan, Jacob J; Sherman, Wendy R; Nides, Thomas R
Cc: Miller, James HON OSD POLICY; Wienefeld, James A ADM JSC VCJCS; Kelly, John LtGen SD; martin, dempsey [REDACTED]
Subject: Libya

State colleagues:

I just tried you on the phone but you were all in with S [apparent reference to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton].

After consulting with General Dempsey, General Ham and the Joint Staff, we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak. They include a [REDACTED].

Assuming Principals agree to deploy these elements, we will ask State to procure the approval from host nation. Please advise how you wish to convey that approval to us [REDACTED].


Jacob Sullivan was Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time of the terrorist attack at Benghazi.  Wendy Sherman was Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, the fourth-ranking official in the U.S. Department of State. Thomas Nides was the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources.”

The only true statement I recall Clinton ever making about Benghazi is that she should bear all of the responsibility since she was Secretary of State at the time. Saying it and doing it are two different things as she continues to deny, lie and fail to accept any responsibility for what happened at Benghazi.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton intentionally left the four brave Americans to die at Benghazi for some warped political ideology. If she is that heartless towards patriotic Americans serving our country, how do you think she’ll treat every American citizen if she gets elected president?

Hillary repeatedly lied about Benghazi, conflict of interested involving the State Department, her husband Bill and the Clinton Foundation. She used a person with direct ties to an Islamic terrorist organization as her closest aide and confidant. Hillary has signed more than one UN treaty that would give the United Nations power and authority over US lands, people and sovereignty.

If you think Barack Hussein Obama has been the worst leader in American history, just wait. If Hillary Clinton is elected to the Oval Office year, it won’t take long for her to show her true colors and move Obama to the second worse leader in our nation’s history.

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