Emails Reveal Department of Justice, Media Matters Collaborated to Spin Stories

Conservatives have long believed that the Obama Administration manipulates a cooperative press into spinning stories to cast Democrats in a good light and covering up scandals.

Now, Department of Justice emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show definitively that the DOJ information office colluded with the leftist, George Soros-backed, tax-exempt Media Matters to nullify negative coverage of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal, according to the Daily Caller.

The emails catch DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers in the act of arranging to attack through the press anyone who spilled the beans on DOJ scandals.

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Some of the emails show Schmaler funneling documents and information to Media Matters staffer Jeremy Holden, who on Sept. 20, 2010, published an article lambasting former DOJ civil rights attorneys for trying to draw attention to the “phony” Black Panther case.

Before posting his article, Holden received numerous documents regarding the former DOJ employees, as well as a letter from a member of Congress and other information seemingly intended to encourage Holden to write a negative story. After the story was published on the Internet, Holden sent Schmaler a thank-you note.

A couple months later, on Nov. 18, 2010, Holden wrote another hit piece accusing conservatives on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights of keeping out of a report “critical evidence disproving allegations that the Obama administration refuses to enforce voting-rights laws against racial minorities.”

Schmaler sent Holden a note congratulating him on a “great piece,” to which Holden responded with another thank-you note.

In July 2011, another Media Matters staffer, Matt Gertz sought help from Schmaler in “debunking what I think is a conservative media myth about Operation Fast and Furious.”

Gertz indicated he got Schmaler’s name from Xochitl Hinojosa, a DOJ spokeswoman who was a former Media Matters staffer.

Other emails indicate Gertz and Schmaler collaborated to cover up the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal as well. At one point, Schmaler suggested negative hit pieces on the Tea Party leadership.

In the world of journalism, it’s impossible to do your job without talking to people and trying to get information other reporters don’t have, but these emails show a level of cooperation from the DOJ and a willingness to let the administration shape the news on the part of Media Matters that is highly unethical and dangerously misleading to the public.

In short, the emails prove beyond any doubt what many have suspected, that Media Matters is effectively part of the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration and cannot be taken seriously as any sort of news organization or watchdog.

It’s not the only organization in cahoots with King Obama and his court. The big media companies, including News Corp., which owns Fox, are heavy contributors to Obama and other Democrats, according to public records. There’s some crossover because as a practical matter, media people want access to whichever side winds up in power, but the donations to Democrats across the board outnumber donations to Republicans by 10 or more to 1.

In 2008, for example, News Corp. donated more than $380,000 to Obama and more than $32,000 to John McCain. This year, Comcast Corp., owner of NBC, has given more than $206,000 to Obama and only $20,000 to Romney so far.

Then there is the infamous JournoList, which included hundreds of left-leaning journalists and political insiders. Once some of the private list’s online conversations were leaked, it was clear that left-wing journalists at major publications were conspiring with lobbyists and other influence traders to bury certain stories and deflect negative attention from King Obama. The predominant feeling on JournoList was that conservatives were, in a word, evil.

As Tucker Carlson wrote after a series of damning revelations about JournoList and its members, “Again and again, we discovered members of JournoList working to coordinate talking points on behalf of Democratic politicians, principally Barack Obama. That is not journalism, and those who engage in it are not journalists. They should stop pretending to be. The news organizations they work for should stop pretending, too. … I’ve been in journalism my entire adult life, and have often defended it against fellow conservatives who claim the news business is fundamentally corrupt. It’s harder to make that defense now. It will be easier when honest (and, yes, liberal) journalists denounce what happened on Journolist as wrong.”

That was back in 2010, and America is still waiting.

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