Embarrassed DNC Leaders Wedge God, Jerusalem Back Into Platform to Chorus of Boos

There’s a part of me that truly wants to give Democrats a break, to believe that they just can’t really be as bad as they seem. Then, they go and do something that once again shows they are positively diabolical at heart.

The Democrats caught so much flak in the past couple of days from us conservatives over taking out God and support for Israel from the official party platform that the DNC leadership on Wednesday did an emergency face lift.

Breaking their own convention rules, the leadership held a session, led by DNC Chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio “La Raza” Villaraigosa, to reintroduce a phrase about people having a right to reach their “God-given potential” and a declaration that Jerusalem is and will remain Israel’s capital.

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The maneuver required a two-thirds vote and had to be voted on three times. There was obviously strong opposition, so Villaraigosa fell back on old Democrat tricks and “deemed” the changes to have been passed (a la the Slaughter Rule in the Obamacare debate), giving rise to a raucous round of jeers, catcalls and boos.

Gee, who could ever think these guys are Godless?

Adding to the DNC’s sterling reputation, a Christian group called Charlotte 714 says the Democrats have essentially banned dozens of North Carolina churches from writing letters and sending gifts to delegates because the churches are pro-life, contrary to the Democratic Party’s pro-abortion stand.

The group last weekend prayed for the convention and its participants, but the DNC wants nothing to do with them. Organizer David Benham said more than 50 churches wanted to deliver gift baskets as part of a special “adopt-a-delegation” program, as well as offering to help with child care, transportation and other hospitality, but they were rejected flat out. The churches were told they could not even deliver welcome letters.

“I got a call from the mayor’s office speaking on behalf of the convention and they asked us not to participate,” Benham said. “I was blown away and could not believe it.”

Shortly after the DNC vote Wednesday, Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman Mark Alan Siegel was asked in an interview with Patriot TV about his support for President Obama despite the Administration’s record on Israel, and Siegel let loose with some pent-up anti-Christian rage.

“I’m Jewish, I’m not a fan of any other religion than Judaism,” said Siegel. “… The Christians just want us to be there so we can all be slaughtered and converted and bring on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. … They’re not our friends, they want Israel to pursue policies which are antithetical with its security and existence. The worst possible allies for the Jewish state are the fundamentalist Christians who want Jews to die and convert so they can bring on the Second Coming of their Lord. It is a false friendship. They are seeking their own ends, not ours. … I don’t believe that the fundamentalists urging a greater Israel are friends of the Jewish state.”

Last I checked, Jesus and all the Apostles were Jewish, and the Bible still says Jews are the Chosen People, so this notion that Christians want Jews to die is way beyond the pale. Most of the Jewish and Christian people I know understand that there is a special bond between Israel and her Christian supporters that supersedes politics. Based on the reaction inside the DNC hall, the sort of sentiment Siegel attributes to Christians seems more at home with the Democrats, alongside other similar sentiments such as all whites are racists, the conservative are waging a “war on women,” etc.

A day at the DNC wouldn’t be complete without some liberal making a death threat against a conservative. New York delegate Julia Rodriguez, in an interview with the Blaze, said, “Romney will destroy this country completely. If I see him, I would like to kill him!”

When he was asked his opinion about the Democrats’ removal of God and Israel from the party platform, Benham was blunt. He told Fox News, “The Democrats have spit in the face of God, they spit in the face of unborn children, they spit in the face of marriage. They are spitting in God’s face. Americans need to rise up and see to it they have their day and are escorted out of power in this country.”

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