Embarrassing! Obama Releases Video Nearly Begging People to Join Obamacare

 I am legitimately embarrassed for Barack Obama, after he released a video trying to not only hype up the (not so) Affordable Care Act, but he also urged people to join it.

Perhaps he doesn’t actually realize that the first moment we have, we absolutely WILL repeal and replace the HORRIBLE system.

Obama opened up with a statement about it being November 1, which is the first day to “get covered for 2018.”

He said, “You can shop for a health insurance plan that’s right for you and your family. It only takes a few minutes and the vast majority of people qualify for financial assistance.”

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He also added that 8 in 10 people will be eligible for plans that are $75 or less. Should I call BS here, or would you like to?

Obama continued, “That’s cheaper than a lot of cellphone plans. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer charge you more just for being a woman or for having a pre-existing condition.”

He added, “That’s a good thing. It means they have to compete for your business.”

He also asked people to spread the word about Obamacare because, “this country works best when we look out for one another.”


The Hill reports:

Open enrollment for ObamaCare begins Wednesday. The enrollment period is only half as long as it was during the Obama administration, ending Dec. 15. This year, more counties will also only have one ObamaCare insurer offering plans.

President Trump has talked of letting ObamaCare “implode” since GOP efforts to repeal the law have failed in Congress. He has reduced budgets to advertise the enrollment period and ended payments to insurers intended to help subsidize costs for getting lower-income people on the exchanges.

Trump on Tuesday came out with a new ad hitting Democrats for “obstructing” efforts by the president and congressional Republicans to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

The ad states, “President Trump will fix it. He wants what’s best for the American people. Top quality health care you can afford. Tell Washington Democrats and the obstructionists: work with our president.”

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