Employees Fired For Protecting Others and Themselves

If you work for someone else, I strongly advise you to find out what their policies are concerning self-defense and the defense of others.  You may be surprised to learn that some employers expect you to sacrifice yourself and others to avoid possible legal action.

Eleven years ago, my eldest daughter worked as a certified nursing assistant in a local hospital.  She worked on the TCU (Telemetry Care Unit) taking care of patients who needed to be monitored.  Shortly after starting her shift one day, a fellow CNA asked her to help with a patient.  A patient needed help getting up to go to the bathroom.  After they had him up out of bed, he told them that they had to move his one leg because he was paralyzed on that side.  When they said they needed to check his orders and that he would have to return to the bed and use a urinal, he became violent and attacked the two CNAs.

He managed to kick the one girl in the chest, sending her across the room.  He grabbed my daughter by the back of neck with a grip so strong that his nails broke her skin.  He bent her over, violently swinging her from side to side and threatened to kill her.  Finally, someone came to her aid and was able to break the patient’s grip on her.  He ended up pulling three of her neck vertebra out of alignment and twisted them off center.  The injury was enough that it ended her medical career.

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After the attack, she told the hospital that she was ready to start hitting the man to break his grip because of how much pain she was in and she was scared with him threatening her life.  Hospital officials told her that if she had fought back to break his grip that she would have been fired immediately for getting physical with a patient.  She was shocked and asked them if she was allowed to defend herself against patient attacks and they told her no, she wasn’t and that it was up security when they arrived.

It seems Wal-Mart has a similar policy when it comes to coming to the aid of others as former employee Kristopher Oswald sadly found out.  He worked the night shift at a Wal-Mart in Hartland Township, Michigan.  It was 2:30am and Oswald was on his break outside the store.  He saw a man grab a woman in the parking lot and came to her aid.  When he asked the woman if she was okay and needed help, the man began hitting and attacking Oswald.  He managed to get on top of the attacker when two more men came on the scene and began attacking Oswald.  Finally Livingston County sheriff deputies arrived on the scene and broke up the attack.

Oswald’s actions saved the woman but cost him his job.  According to Wal-Mart, even though Oswald’s actions were honorable and they understood his motive, he violated company policy forcing them to terminate his employment.

Evidently in today’s world, employees no longer have the constitutional right to protect themselves or others from harm.  These employer policies clearly violate the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It also sends a message to employees that the company they work for cares little about their well-being and are willing to sacrifice them just to avoid a possible lawsuit.

With more and more violence taking place around us, I strongly urge you to contact your employer and ask them what their policy is when it comes to defending yourself or coming to the aid of others.  If they are like the hospital and Wal-Mart, you then have to ask yourself what you would do if your life was being threatened.  Would you defend yourself and just stand there and be injured or killed?  What would you do if you saw a woman being attacked by a man?  Would you go to her aid knowing that it could cost you your job or would you just stand there and watch as she is accosted or worse?

I’m fortunate in that my employer not only supports self-defense and the defense of others, but they also sell guns, ammunition and other items to help me and others defend ourselves and those around us.  Anyone messes around with me on the job, it won’t cost me my job but it may cost them even more.

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