ENDA Bill Means End of Religious Freedoms

The harmless-sounding Employment Non-Discrimination Act could put a serious hole through religious freedoms in this country.

The bill, which comes up for a vote this week in the Senate,would disallow discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals, trisexuals, transgenders, cross dressers, gender benders and whatever else the “gay rights” movement can think of by giving them the same protections as were given to other classes by the Civil Rights Act.

That will require employers, landlords and bureaucracies to look the other way if openly gay or cross-dressing employees start affecting business.

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As it stands currently, ENDA has some weak protection for operations like churches, religious hospitals and parochial schools that might object to the whole sinful homosexual lifestyle, but only if it involves a religious institution officially recognized by the government.

Private institutions would enjoy no such protections, even if homosexuality violates a business owner’s religious beliefs.

Critics have also suggested that language within ENDA would open the doors to lawsuits against employers who offend homosexual employees in any way, such as by having a Bible in plain view.

Even more worrisome is that, according to the pro-homosexual Washington Blade, Democrats in Congress are planning to strip out the protections for religious institutions once the bill passes both houses, making ENDA just another homosexual activist assault on religious freedom.

Democrats have won the support of about a half dozen Republicans in the Senate by including the religious exemptions, but like with their promises about health care, the Democrats are lying just to get the bill passed.

ENDA is not about protecting people, it’s about forcing acceptance of a lifestyle that most Americans still view as morally wrong on those who won’t accept it.

Most Americans don’t give a fig what you want to do in your own bedroom. If you want to swing from the chandelier while wearing backless leather chaps and a tutu, then have at it. But keep it in your own home.

Don’t bring your sexual fetishes out onto the street or into the classroom, and keep your hands off the children. There will probably always be confused youngsters who choose the gay lifestyle. You don’t have a right to recruit in schools or churches or private businesses.

And homosexuals certainly don’t deserve to be a specially privileged class when those privileges come at the expense of other people’s rights.


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