England Is Burning – Is America Next?

British Prime Minister David Cameron cut his vacation short and had to return to England as his country was under attack. Rioters in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Liverpool and Leeds started attacking police, looting and burning businesses. Some say the spark that ignited the inferno was caused when the police shot a suspect.

However, the real cause runs much deeper.

England has been about 20-40 years ahead of the US in moral and spiritual decline. Church attendance in England is below 2% of the population. However, this figure may be on the rise since so many Muslims have been immigrating to England. In the past ten years, some British communities have become predominately Muslim, causing many non-Muslims to move away.

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Sexual perversion is more readily accepted as being okay in England than in the US, but we aren’t far behind. Defiance and disrespect of authority is more prevalent in England than the US, but again, we’re not that far behind.

England has a generation of young people that have had virtually no moral or spiritual upbringing. The only thing they know is situation ethics and survival of the fittest. This creates a sense of purposelessness and frustration. Couple that with a sagging economy, weak national leadership, shake well and you end up with an explosive situation waiting to be ignited and evidently the police shooting was all it took to light the fuse.

America’s youth are not far behind England’s youth. Fewer and fewer of America’s youth are attending church. Many from evangelical homes walk away from the church once they leave home. Our public schools teach them that they are just another animal trying to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. They are told there are no absolute truths in the world and life is what you make it.

Violence among America’s youth is on the rise. Like the youth in England, they are becoming directionless and frustrated. After this past month, they have seen that their leaders in Washington are a joke. They can’t find jobs and with the economy going into the tanks, the situation is become ripe here for what has been happening in England.

As America watches England burn, we better be getting our fire extinguishers and hoses ready because if something doesn’t happen soon to turn things around, you can bet America’s youth will start to ignite.

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