Enroll America Slashes Jobs Due to Reduced Funding

Enroll America is a non-profit organization that was established by former Obama administration staffers and some who helped his presidential campaigns for the sole purpose of getting people to enroll in Obamacare. It is one of the main organizations tasked with enrolling millions of Americans into Obama’s socialist national healthcare program.

According to their website:

“Our Mission

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Enroll America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization focused on one goal: maximizing the number of Americans who are enrolled in and retain health coverage.

How We Work

We are a team of educators, experts, organizers, connectors, and conveners dedicated to doing what works to help consumers get the facts about their new health insurance options and enroll. Our strategies are research-based and data-driven.

We are conveners of a diverse network of organizations and individuals from around the country working together to reach uninsured consumers with information on getting coverage that fits their needs and their budget.

What We Do

We launched our national Get Covered America campaign in 2013 to engage consumers directly and raise public awareness about the new health insurance options made available under the ACA. Our goal is to cut through the clutter and give consumers the facts through grassroots outreach, digital mobilization, and advertising in select states. We continue to work with a wide range of partners on the national, state, and local levels so that allies can help amplify the public-education messages of the Get Covered America campaign.”

Enroll America used political campaign-style strategy in their efforts to get as many people enrolled in Obamacare as possible. The organizers of Enroll America knew that the role of the organization was not a permanent one, but they never anticipated the start of their demise would begin so soon. As enrollment figures have not reached the anticipated goals and support for the Affordable Care Act has steadily dropped the funding for the non-profit have also taken a sharp decline.

Using government figures, which we all know are grossly inaccurate, 11 million Americans supposedly enrolled in Obamacare through the exchanges. Around 11 million more signed up for coverage through the expanded Medicaid program. However, it is estimated that at least 30 million Americans are currently uninsured for a myriad of reasons, including not being able to afford the outrageous premiums.

The number of uninsured is much higher than what the administration predicted or wanted, thus presenting a huge problem for the socialist national healthcare program. That trouble has spilled over in many areas and has had a direct impact on Enroll American, causing them to announce that they are cutting around 100 jobs much sooner than they anticipated.

This is just another example in a growing list of things that indicate Obamacare is far from the success it was supposed to be. In reality, it’s been more of a failure in almost every way than it has been a success. Unfortunately, Republicans still don’t have enough support to fix or repeal the Affordable Care Act, but the number of Democrats turning away from the socialist healthcare program is growing. We can only hope and pray that more Democrats will turn against Obamacare and help Republicans override any Obama veto so they can fix or replace it.


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