Entering College? Get Ready for Gender Confusion

Lately I’ve been hearing more conservatives say attending college may no longer be worth it. For one, it’s becoming ridiculously expense. If you were to go four years at an Ivy League or like school, it’s possible to exit with debt well over $300,000. I have friends in their 30s still paying undergraduate student loans. There’s something wrong with that.

That’s not to say it isn’t necessary in some cases. Science, medical, engineering, all pretty much require classroom and lab environments, but in a lot of cases these days, actually attending a college is no longer essential.

And then there is the wackiness factor. We right-wingers have understood for years the perils of rampant runaway leftism being thrust on our young skulls full of mush as they go away to school, only to be taught more about the evils of capitalism and white privilege, and the benefits of communism, multiculturalism, social justice, and gender studies than the subject matter they signed up for.

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So when I read about the latest campus flap, I was not the least bit surprised. It’s regarding the University of Oregon and a new student, Elle Mallon, who wished to join a fraternity.

The Daily Emerald posted this student’s tale of woe in November of 2014. It wrote: “In fall 2011, Elle Mallon went through recruitment to join a fraternity at the University of Oregon. However, Mallon didn’t feel like there was a spot for her.” Right off the bat, we spot the obvious. Mallon wanted to join a “fraternity,” yet there was no spot for “her.”

Okay, when I first started reading about this person, I figured with a name like Elle, she was a girl, until I linked to a presentation he/she/it posted. You may link to it here. Well, she’s a dude – kind of.

Elle says he/she/it identifies as a “trans femme,” whatever that is. I looked it up, but shouldn’t have. Apparently it is where one sometimes feels like a girl, sometimes a boy, and sometimes a combination of both.

I’m certain this might gain popularity amongst high school boys, who may feel like a girl to gain access to their locker room and the rest of the time, a boy. Not sure how the whole combination thing would work.

Any way, it turns out Elle wasn’t happy with the choices of fraternities or the reception he/she/combo received, so Elle started a “Gender-inclusive” organization. But that wasn’t the end of it. It never is with the perpetually aggrieved.

The school held a “We Are Oregon” (WAO) event in a building without “gender-inclusive” bathrooms. Elle filed a grievance over the bathroom situation. But then a separate grievance was filed against the WAO event manager, Taylor Allison.

In a thousand years you could never guess the reason. It was for sexual harassment. And what was Allison’s crime? She referred to Elle as Ms. instead of the proper identity of Mx. Allison was forced to apologize. What the heck is Mx?

According to he/she/combo, Allison could have used the following pronouns to identify Elle. They are…ready for this…She, Her, Hers, xe, xem, hyr, they, and them. But certainly not Ms. That would be silly and insulting. How is anyone expected to keep up? It’s like federal regulations. They just keep coming.

I don’t know how this saga will end, other than badly, and frankly I don’t much care about Elle’s supposed problems, but this is what our children get to look forward to as they go off to college and are made to pay for it. If they are just average well-adjusted heterosexual kids, don’t look for them to actually learn anything. They will be too busy fending off grievances and lawsuits to study.

It’s really weird out there folks. May I suggest an online education?

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