Environmental Hypocrisy and Illegal Immigrants

Many opponents to illegal immigration have been advocating the construction of a security fence or wall along the US – Mexican border to help curb the influx of illegals, drugs and possible terrorists.  Arizona has recently announced that they plan to build a fence along their border even without the help or blessings of the federal government.

And to no surprise, environmentalists have been up in arms claiming that such fence would harm the environment and interfere with movement of some animals across the border.  Yet they don’t seem to be at all concerned about the environmental impact that the illegals coming across the border have on the environment.

In many areas along the border, there are literally tons and tons of trash left in the desert.  Some of the pathways more frequently used by illegals look as if they have been paved with garbage and clothing left behind by the illegals as they make their way across the desert.  The environmental impact of the tons of discarded items and trash will have a far greater negative impact on the environment than a border fence will ever have.

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In addition to the trash issue, information recently released directly attributes nearly forty percent of the wildfires in southern Arizona to illegal immigrants.  These fires have burned a significant amount of fragile desert landscape, destroying some plants such as the saguaro cactus that take a couple hundred years to grow.  The fires have also posed a safety risk for fire fighters responding as they never know if they are going to find themselves under fire from illegal drug runners or not.

If you add up the damage from fires with that of the miles and miles of litter and garbage, it equals a far greater environmental hazard than does the border fence that the environmentalists have been campaigning against.  This has to cause one to wonder if they are suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision that they are unaware of the big picture or if their agenda is not really the environment after all.

So there you have it, a spelled out case of either stupidity or hypocrisy, which is it?

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