EPA Used Human Guinea Pigs to Further Left’s Agenda

It’s simply a fact of medical-related research that at some point, experiments on live human beings may be necessary. When they are, the expectation is that the subjects will be volunteers who are fully informed about what is going to happen to them and what the risks are.

According to a newly released government report from the Office of the Inspector General, the EPA fell short of those expectations in experiments subjecting 81 volunteers with medical issues to dangerous levels of air pollution.

The report found that in the cases of five human trials regarding pollution levels, the EPA obtained approval for its studies, but at least one study received “significant modifications” after approval.

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The report said that all 81 test subjects signed consent forms, but that the risks posed by the various studies were not consistently presented, and in the case of one study of diesel particulate matter, the consent forms did not include the long-term risks of cancer.

Further, only one of the five studies informed subjects of the upper limit of the pollutants they would be exposed to, and only “two of five alerted study subjects to the risk of death for older individuals with cardiovascular disease.”

“An EPA manager considered these long-term risks minimal for short-term study exposures,” the report found, perhaps explaining the lack of thoroughness in obtaining consent.

One problem with that, however, is that the EPA has for years been pushing for tighter and tighter controls on air pollution and has insisted that much lower exposure levels to particulate matter, or PM, than were present in the studies could be deadly, causing risk of cardiac arrest and other immediate potentially fatal cardiopulmonary problems.

The studies exposed subjects with health issues to levels of pollutants up to 50 times what the EPA says is unsafe for humans, according to the OIG report.

Three of the studies exposed subjects to dangerous levels of particulate matter, and the other two exposed them to diesel exhaust and ozone. Diesel exhaust contains 40 toxic pollutants, including 19 carcinogens, in addition to particulate matter.

The OIG report cited a 2003 EPA document that said even short-term exposure to particulate matter could trigger arrhythmia and heart attack, and long-term exposure could cause reduced lung function and death.

As has become the norm for the Obama Administration, the EPA is speaking with a forked tongue. On the one hand, it insists that air pollution is a deadly hazard that requires more draconian legislation. On the other hand, it tells its human lab rats that there’s little risk in being exposed to levels far higher than what’s normally in the air.

“This lack of warning about PM is also different from the EPA’s public image about PM,” the OIG report states.

More regulation means more control for the Administration — over industry, over businesses, over drivers.

On virtually all fronts, the Obama Administration is about acquiring more power than it should have. It does it through health care legislation, through “policy” changes, through executive orders, through new tax laws, through domestic spying.

Americans need to ask themselves what the purpose of all this power is, what is the end goal for the Obama Administration? Many of us already think we know, but more Americans need to wake up before it’s too late.

The EPA’s callous disregard for its human test subjects in pursuit of a leftist agenda should be a huge clue into the real nature of this Administration and its attitude toward the “little people” it lords over.


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