Eric Holder Defends Stance That Allows for Voter Fraud

Over the past year, US Attorney General Eric Holder has been fighting every attempt by states to enact voter ID laws.  He repeatedly says that requiring some form of voter ID is unconstitutional because it discriminates against minorities and poor people.

Earlier this week, Holder was addressing a group from the League of Women Voters in Washington DC.  He told them that the incidence of ‘in-person voting fraud is uncommon.’  He went on to say,

“Making voter registration easier is, simply, not likely by itself to make our election more susceptible to fraud. Indeed, those on all sides of this debate have acknowledged that in-person voting fraud is uncommon.  We must be honest about this, and we must recognize that our ability to ensure the strength and the integrity of our election systems — and to advance the reforms necessary to achieve this — depends on whether the American people are informed, engaged and willing to demand common sense solutions that make voting more accessible.”

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But that doesn’t explain why Holder just ordered Florida to stop purging their vote registration records of people who have died or who are not citizens and thus ineligible to vote.

Evidently the US Attorney General is unaware of the number of illegal voters there are.  Back in April I reported on the number of illegals that have been voting in elections all over the nation.  In January I reported that a number of dead people had voted in the New Hampshire primary.  Last December I reported on the connection between Project Vote, ACORN, the Democratic Party and voter fraud.

I can’t believe that Holder is that uniformed or that stupid to not be aware of how much voter fraud had been reported, especially if he had worked on voter fraud within the DOJ as he told the League of Women voters.  The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from Holder’s actions and words is that he and the Democratic Party are planning on using voter fraud to get Barack Obama re-elected in November.  It seems that they are counting on using the names of dead people along with getting as many illegals and non-citizens to register and vote.

I wonder if exit polls will keep track of these groups of voters and how they voted and perhaps how often they voted?

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