Eric Holder’s Connecticut “Project Longevity” Shows A Motive For Gun Grabbing

There are lots of reasons why the state wants to disarm the citizenry. Recently I noticed a news item from before the Sandy Hook massacre and thought of another reason. The state’s vague social engineering / lobbying efforts to “reduce violence” look nebulous and bland. A wave of gun prohibition would be perceptible decisive action.

Eric Holder was in Connecticut with the Governor to “unveil” Project Longevity—if such vague words could do such a thing. It basically seems to amount to spreading Federal loot to a group of privileged police departments, social workers, and “community leaders.” Here is the press release with a list of “engaged service providers” in the last paragraph. Supposedly they are going to reach out to violent people and get them to change their ways. I have never heard of the “Group Violence Reduction Strategy,” which is the basis for the Project Longevity. I searched Google news and saw that it was also being tried in New Orleans, but nothing else. If this was some kind of really successful and cost-effective strategy for reducing gun violence, I would expect it to have made the news.

The whole enterprise seems excessively lame. I get bored even reading about it (though I would love to see a tally of the money that is being spent and who it is being spent on). And I’m not alone. Even the Reuter’s report published on the Huffington Post website, reported the project as a rather lame “best we can do” because there is no way the Obama Administration can make good on their wish to get rid of guns:

“The Obama administration is taking a cautious step toward confronting the politically tricky subject of gun violence with an initiative focused on prevention due to be unveiled on Tuesday. It will not be the gun control launch that some of President Barack Obama’s supporters hoped for after Obama won a second four-year term in a Nov. 6 election. Instead, U.S. Justice Department and Connecticut state officials will announce what one law enforcement official called a statewide approach that targets repeat criminals, creates alternatives for potential gang members and rallies neighborhoods against violence. The initiative, known as Project Longevity, will send new federal grant money to Connecticut and involve agents, academics and social workers working for or with the FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

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You can almost feel the disappointment in the story. But to make the point more strongly it is reiterated a bit later:

“Federal help for the effort is welcome even if Obama is not making a push to change laws that make guns easily available in much of the country, said Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence. ‘The community needs to show a little more outrage on these things and demand that it be a top priority,’ Pinciaro said. ‘That will be more useful than another law right now.’”

Compare that barely noticed news story to how the media and the politicians are all revved up now after the outrage of the Sandy Hook massacre. Face it. Confiscating guns and scapegoating the NRA for the evils of the world is just plain more exciting. It gives the government something to do. It makes them look like they are actually taking action.

Weirdly, it seems that, in addition to Governor Malloy’s strategy for reducing gang-related gun violence, he was also being prepared to deal with a mass shooting massacre like the one that took place in Sandy Hook. In his first major televised announcement on December 14 he said:

“Earlier today a tragedy of unspeakable terms played itself out in this community. Lieutenant Governor and I have been spoken to an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state.”

As far as I know, Governor hasn’t yet revealed who spoke to him and the Lieutenant Governor, or how they were supposed to prepare. What does seem obvious is that “Project Longevity” was deeply unsatisfying to both liberal Democrats and the liberal Media, and that they were prepared to make a concerted attack on the Second Amendment as soon as an emergency gave them an opportunity to push such a message.

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