Establishment Republicans Fight to Keep Banks in Power

There is a sinister side to the establishment Republican’s war on conservatives and Tea Party candidates. Like their Democrat fellow travelers, they benefit by the flow of easy money. This is why they are working hard to keep Thad Cochran in power in Mississippi even though his mental acuity is being questioned.

Cochran did not know that Eric Cantor had lost his congressional seat. Then he said something about doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals.”

Cochran will vote with the Establishment majority. He will do what the establishment tells him to do.

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For too many Republicans, the Democrats aren’t the problem. The Establishment Republicans disagree with their free spending Democrat counterparts only on how the fiat money should be spent not whether it should be spent.


Unfortunately, the biggest worry gripping DC in response to the Cantor loss is how his departure will impact Wall Street and big banks, who were strong allies of the Majority Leader. There is even worry that, without Cantor, the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank, which gives government-backed financing to major corporations, may expire. Oh, the horror.

There is perhaps no better example of how out-of-touch DC is with the rest of America than the following tweet from senior GOP “strategist” John Feehery, in reaction to MS Sen. Thad Cochran being forced into a run-off.

john feehery


The notion that voters should support a politician solely on the ability to extract more money out of the Treasury is precisely how a nation accumulates a $17 trillion debt. This rather petulant sentiment, mind you, comes from a Republican.

Last week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee hosted a fundraiser for Sen. Cochran’s run-off which brought over $800,000 into the embattled politician’s campaign coffers from various corporations and DC interests. This money isn’t to finance a fight against a Democrat, but against a fellow Republican who bested 40-year incumbent Cochran in the initial primary balloting. Cochran’s campaign is also banking on support from anti-gun Michael Bloomberg and Facebook co-founder and left-wing donor Sean Parker.

To read more go to Breitbart.


Hey John, where does the “Federal money” come from? If it’s just tax revenue, then the money any single state gets is taken from the other states. How is this just or even constitutional? If the money is printed or digitized, then it’s immoral and will eventually wreck the economy be igniting the flames of devalued currency.

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