Eugenics Is Not Extinct: California Prison Illegally Sterilizes Women Inmates

We are taught in history books that when the Allies defeated the Axis powers in World War II and, with that victory, also defeated the ideology of “eugenics.” Eugenics taught that the state should intervene and stop “lower” people from reproducing. This could be done in an outright racist fashion, as it was in Nazi Germany. But it doesn’t have to be strictly race-based. It could be done, for example, by IQ measurements, where people with lower IQs are eliminated without much attention paid to race or ethnicity. It could be done by selecting those with a criminal history for sterilization

Eugenics did not start in Nazi Germany and it has never been defeated. It is still with us. One recent example:

“California lawmakers are demanding to know why doctors under contract with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmates in four years without required state approval and, as some claim, strongly pressured or even tricked some of the women into signing off. One doctor even allegedly suggested that the procedures would help the state save on welfare. While not part of a formal sterilization program, the surgeries were performed with alarming frequency. At least 148 women in the California prison system were sterilized by tubal ligation without state approval between 2006 and 2010, confirmed Joyce Hayhoe, director of legislation for the California Correctional Health Care Services.”

In one case a woman was convinced to “volunteer” for tubal ligation while still under sedation. In another case, it was simply done against the woman’s consent:

“Kelli Thomas was an inmate in Chowchilla when she went into surgery for a biopsy and to have two cysts removed, the Los Angeles Times reported. She signed off on having her ovaries removed if doctors found cancer but expressed that she wanted to have children in the future. According to her medical records, Thomas was cancer-free but her ovaries were removed anyway. ‘I feel like I was tricked,’ Thomas told the LA Times. ‘I gave permission to do it based on a (cancer) diagnosis, and the diagnosis wasn’t there.’”

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Everyone acts so shocked and outraged. Pressuring imprisoned women to be sterilized “erodes the ban on eugenics.” Why bother acting surprised or outraged when the Congressional Budget Office offered exactly the same rationale for allowing abortion after twenty weeks. The little eaters will grow up to go on welfare so we need to eliminate them whenever possible.

If eugenics were true, then there never would have been the massive rise in the standard of living in history. That only happened because one generation surpassed the previous generation. People are not doomed to produce children who continue in their folly and sin and stupidity. People can change by the grace of God, and their children can change too. Resorting to sterilization is a form of fatalism.

But as people lose faith in God and his word, we can expect them to adopt new superstitions. Eugenics is a false religion that will continually attract people who lack loyalty to Christ.

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