Even With Strict NY Anti-Gun Laws Mailmen Afraid To Deliver To Brooklyn Community

The state of New York already had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country prior to the shootings in Aurora and Newtown.  Since Newtown, they passed even more anti-gun laws making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to own or use a firearm.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is perhaps the single most anti-gun politician in the nation.  He has publicly stated that no citizen other than law enforcement and active military should be allowed to own any type of firearm period.  He blames guns for most of the violence that occurs in his city and around the nation.  He has been spending millions of his own dollars to support anti-gun legislation and politicians running for office in other states.

With all of the anti-gun laws passed at state and city levels, you would expect New York City to be one of the safest places in the nation, that is if Bloomberg’s logic is correct.  However, that does not seem to be the case.

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The community of Brownsville is part of the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  Recent reports are saying that a number of postal workers are too scared to deliver some of the mail in Brownsville because of the violence and danger from gangbangers.

One postal worker told the local news:

“The neighborhood is bad.  I wouldn’t want to go into those buildings.”

“Have you seen this neighborhood? It’s on the news every day.”

If a postal carrier feels threatened by a vicious dog or person, they are not required to deliver the mail.  The mail is returned to the post office where it will sit until the carrier decides to deliver it or the person comes to pick up.

Brownsville residents are getting upset over the refusal of some carriers not to deliver the mail in their area or buildings.  They admit that their buildings or neighborhoods are dangerous and that there is a great deal of gang violence, but they still believe that they should have their mail delivered regardless.

If Brownsville is so dangerous and rife with gang violence, which frequently involves firearms, why isn’t Bloomberg down there with his storm troopers enforcing his gun control laws and protecting his citizens and postal workers?  He says that all of these anti-gun laws WILL make people safer, but are they?

Brownsville citizens can’t protect themselves from the gangs because they can’t obtain permits to own a gun and if they do, the gun has to be stored unloaded in a gun safe,.  That makes the gun completely useless to use for self-defense.  However, it seems that despite all of the gun control laws, the gangbangers have no difficulty obtaining illegal guns, proving that the laws are useless and will only place more law abiding citizens in danger.

Before Bloomberg spends another penny anywhere else trying to abolish the Second Amendment, he needs to clean up his town because his own laws aren’t working the way he wants them too.  If he can’t make his laws work in his city to reduce violence and make it a safer place to live, then he has no business trying to force the same laws on others in other cities and states.

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