Events in Mideast Turning Against U.S., Obama

Some people think President Obama knows exactly what he is doing and is cynically reshaping the Middle East for his own purposes.

I think the people pulling King Obama’s strings may know what the big picture is, but Obama himself is genuinely surprised that the Middle East hasn’t greeted him with open arms.

Part of the reason I believe this is because the Left-wing media have worked so hard to deny or bury reports coming out of Egypt and Syria. If all were going according to plan, the White House would be crowing.

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Obama’s backdoor funding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria was supposed to net him another “democracy” that he could claim credit for. As we’ve seen in Egypt and other countries, though, claims of democratic revolution aren’t worth the teleprompter they’re flashed on.

As the Muslim Brotherhood has secured its power and moved more toward shariah law in Egypt, stories have emerged of violence against Christians, Jews and members of the media, including a story reported in WorldNet Daily about crucifixions outside the presidential palace. There are also reports that Coptic Christian women are being kidnapped by Muslims and sold into slavery.

Whether it’s crucifixions, slavery or plans to blow up the pyramids, liberal media and websites such as Snopes have gone out of their way to claim such things never happened, despite multiple accounts in Arabic media.

Now from Yemen, where al Qaida has established a base for raiding Saudi Arabia, there comes a video of a man crucified in the street as a suspected U.S. spy, accused of planting tracking devices for U.S. military drones on terrorist vehicles.

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic and disturbing. View with caution here.

In Syria, despite months of fighting, the government seems to be hanging on, with help from Russia and Iran. Obama, whose secret support of the rebels was reported by Reuters on Aug. 1, has enlisted help from his allies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Author Dinesh D’Souza has said he believes Obama is hoping to establish a “United States of Arabia” with the Muslim Brotherhood as partners in some sort of democracy. Reality, unfortunately, has a way of asserting itself over the best-laid plans of mice and mental patients.

The real nature of the Brotherhood, which has tendrils in the Obama Administration as high up as the secretary of state’s aide Huma Abedeen, is becoming clearer with each passing day. With recent overtures by Egypt toward Iran, it’s very possible that Obama may find “his” United States of Arabia being formed, but with Russia in the role of benefactor.

The Brotherhood, beyond any merely nationalistic goals, has its eyes on the prize of a restored Muslim Caliphate that could make Islam a true world power. To that end, watch for the Brotherhood to be willing to overlook past differences with Iran and Syria, only to turn on Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and its allies.

If that happens, the entire Middle East and North Africa will be solidly Islamic, with Shariah the only law.

The first outcome will be that Europe will be cut off from much of the Southern Hemisphere and will find it exceedingly difficult to conduct any trade with India or the rest of Asia.

The Muslims will resume their historic practice of widespread piracy, hijacking, robbing and capturing ships that fall within their grasp, enslaving or ransoming passengers depending on their financial resources.

Russia will be happy to help out Europe with overland and flyover permissions, for a price.

The biggest danger, though, will be to European sovereignty as nations weakened by decades of moonbeam liberalism will suddenly face the choice to fight, convert or die as they face the double Muslim threat of invasion and internal rebellion.

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