Everything I Know about Politics I Learned from Drudge and Breitbart

Let me state from the outset that all of my political understanding and viewpoint does not come solely from Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart. It never has and it never will. That’s a very good thing because it is that mindset that allows individuals like Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart to become voices in the world of politics. They are the antithesis to the mainstream media that Americans have relied on for the past 50 years to give them the news that matters. In today’s world, the mainstream media gives us news that very rarely matters the most to Americans. There are literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of news sources on the internet today. It takes a special person or organization to filter all of that information down to what is most important. Drudge has done that for politics in general and Breitbart has done the same for Conservatives.

I believe I am well educated on the forced-schooling level and on the self-educated level. I love to read and I read as much as I can about what I am interested in. Most of what I read is filtered through a lens of a biblical worldview. Everyone has a lens, be it God, science, self, Muhammad, or whatever, we all start with some presupposition and our mind makes logical conclusions based on those presuppositions. I have been blessed to have parents who sacrificed to put me through private, Christian schools and took the time to home school as well. There is a lot of self-motivation that comes with a good homeschooling environment as well as a good private school environment. Your teachers are there to guide you, not force feed you. They should expect you to work it out and come to the right conclusions. When you fail or need help, they are there to correct and guide. You learn to think for yourself. It’s kind of nice to not be dependent on other’s knowledge.

From my educational experience, my own political stance has been developed over the period of my youthful 27 years, not fully being molded and expanded until my college years where I (not personally but politically and religiously) was constantly under assault from Liberal professors. I was typically passive and kept my mouth shut. I was determined to keep my grades as they were earned, not influenced by a professor who didn’t like my politics or religion. In the rare occasion where my blood boiled over and I raised my hand to correct my professor, there were usually no fellow Conservatives or Christians who would stand with me. There are the days I wish I could go back and redo the whole college scene and take on my professors, but those days are behind me and it really isn’t a battle I want to fight. There are bigger fish to fry and minds to change. It’s those that will replace the professors that matter more. But what I heard from my professors and read in my textbooks did not match what I had read and learned about in my earlier years. I wanted to learn more so I could not just stand my own against those who spout myths and falsehoods but I wanted to be able to rip away their arguments.

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Drudge Report was probably known to me around the year 2000 in the months leading up to the George W. Bush election nightmare in Florida. I learned about Monica Lewinsky from traditional media and it would be years before I found out that it was Matt Drudge who broke the scandal back when the Drudge Report was better known for gossip. Drudge became my first website stop in the day and the last, with the obligatory dozen or so visits throughout the day. For the past 10 and a half years it has become an invaluable source of information that is not readily available to most internet users. No one has the time to comb through thousands of news stories a day to find the select dozen or so that are really worth reporting. Don’t get me wrong, Drudge Report probably boasts somewhere close to 100 news stories that change throughout the day. The meatiest of which are found near the top. For those who don’t venture below the first few lines, you will be missing out on some wonderful gems towards the bottom. Keep on scrolling.

In the Drudge Report I found macroeconomics, politics, and world affairs played out on a grand stage. Everyone always learns more from experience in the real world than anything you ever learn learn in a classroom and here was every concept, both good and bad, you could learn from a professor played out in reality. There were no online simulations or games or classroom debates. You saw the success and failures of policy and belief all in one location; a constant changing landscape that many websites have tried to emulate but have failed…until Andrew Breitbart launched his conglomerate of websites to counter the Left. I’ll get to that in a second. On Drudge’s Report you can find all the ammo you need to fill your arsenal against Liberal attacks.

Andrew Breitbart is someone who was/is considered Matt Drudge’s right-hand man. A man who has inside experience into how Drudge Report works and gets its information, yet he chose a different, and somehow as effective way of making the political world move. His ever expanding empire of websites is a mixture of website linking and original content. He breaks news stories no other media outlet is willing to touch. As shown with the Anthony Weiner scandal, it was Andew Breitbart who made that a news story where it otherwise would have been shelved. He has made many stories news such as Shirley Sherrod, ACORN, and Pigford Scandals.

Breitbart’s biggest influence on me has not necessarily been the content of his websites, even though they are a goldmine of information, but on the ever expanding pie of the Conservative voice he is creating. While the internet is tearing down the gatekeepers who keep important information from us, here is one man who is using his influence to create a slew of websites to then further expand his and other Conservatives’ influence. This is where Liberalism fails. Where Liberals have to hide the truth, Conservatives just have to find a place to make it available and people will flock.

In this way, both these men are heroes of mine. Everyone has their calling and I think they know their’s. They are changing America, the world, and lives. I hope to contribute an inkling of my abilities to this same cause which is why I write. Opinions matter, just not everyone’s. Hopefully, there will be those who believe mine does.

Thank you men for what you do. I believe America is forever indebted to both of you. This is a good kind of debt.

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