More Evidence Black Activists Don’t Want the Truth

Black activists are up in arms over the shootings of black teens by white cops in Dayton, Ohio, Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri. In every instance, they portray the black teens as innocent unarmed kids that did nothing other than being dark skinned that caused racist white cops to shoot them down in cold blood. They are demanding the prosecution and lynching of the white cops involved.

In the Dayton case, a black teen was observed by other shoppers waving what looked like an assault-style rifle around in the store. He walked through the store and pointed the gun at various shoppers. Shoppers were fleeing the scene in fear of their lives. One female shopper with a heart condition died of a heart attack as she tried to run out of the store in fear. Several shoppers called 9-1-1. When police arrived, the 9-1-1 dispatcher was still talking to one man in the store who helped direct police to the black teen.

On video, the two police officers approached the teen with the rifle and ordered him to put the gun down. They repeated the warning but the teen failed to comply. When the teen turned around, in what the police believed to be a threatening manner, they shot him. The rifle turned out to be a pellet gun sold by the Wal-Mart that was out of the box, but it looked identical to the real thing. One thing I’ve noticed is that on many local news reports, they describe the gun as a BB gun or harmless toy. I’ve got news for them, pellet guns fire a metal pellet at a higher velocity than a BB guns shoots and it can inflict serious injury.

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A grand jury was convened and they heard the testimony of 15 witnesses plus reviewed the store surveillance video and decided that no charges were going to be filed against the police officers. That decision further outraged the black community. They intentionally ignore the truth of what happened and are still demanding the conviction of the white police officers who shot the poor little black teen who terrorized an entire store, caused a woman to die of a heart attack and who failed to comply with police orders.

In Ferguson, Missouri we have a similar but different situation. Another unarmed innocent black teen was shot and killed by a white police officer and the black activists have been traveling from all over the country demanding the arrest, conviction and even the execution of Office Darren Wilson.

Again they are intentionally ignoring the facts in the case. Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store and was caught on video. When Wilson saw him and realized he and his partner matched the descriptions, Wilson attempted to stop and question Brown. Brown is a very big teenager that looked like a football lineman. He charged Officer Wilson. Wilson suffered a blowout fracture of his eye socket in the attack. Wilson ordered Brown to stop, but the teen charge him again. Wilson shot him 4 times in the arm, attempting to stop him with non-lethal force, but Brown kept charging with his head down like he was making a tackle. In fear of his life, Wilson shot Brown twice in the head. It was his last option and he had to take it or risk further personal injury.

The autopsy revealed that Brown had been shot four times in the right arm and that the bullets entered front to back. The black community claims that Brown had his arms raised in a surrender position when Wilson shot him. Raise your arms and then look to see which side of your arm is facing forward and you’ll discover that if that story was true, then the shots would have entered back to front. The fatal shot was fired at a downward angle that is consistent with Brown having his head lowered as he charged Wilson.

Like in Dayton, the black activists are ignoring the truth and evidence and protesting with demands that Officer Darren Wilson be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for defending his life against their poor innocent black teen who had already fractured Wilson’s eye socket and was attacking again.

Then there is the case of Vonderrit Myers of St. Louis, another black teen who was shot by a white off duty police officer. In this case the police officer said that Myers had a gun and fired it three times at him and that he was returning fire when Myers was fatally shot. The black community doesn’t believe it and say that Myers was unarmed.

Newly released lab results revealed that Myers had gunpowder residue on his hands and clothes which are consistent with him having just fired a gun. Are the black activists accepting the lab results which back up the officer’s account of what happened? NO!

Even if they had the entire incident on video and saw Myers shooting first I don’t believe the black activists would accept the truth. All they see is a white cop shooting a black teen and that’s that. It doesn’t matter if the black teens are thugs and criminals who ignore police instruction and attack the officers. It’s purely a racial thing to them. They claim that the police are racists, but in all three cases, the evidence backs up the police accounts of what happened.

So who are the real racists? Who are the ones fueling the fires of racial hatred in America? It’s the black activists who want to start a race war worse than any the country has ever seen and it’s not going to stop until more blood has been shed.

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