Evil Communists, Want to Destroy Our Economy Through Inflation

I am talking about North Korea. There are serious talks between the US government and the North Korean government. What the US government doesn’t say publicly is that one of the issues on the agenda is the North Korean production of fake $50 and $100 bills. The North Korean government does it because it is cash-strapped, and it needs the money to buy what it needs from the world market. The regime is broke. So it prints several hundred million dollars every year and spends them on the world markets. Thus the Communists acquire what they need, and also wage a “currency war” against capitalism by undermining its currency.

The US government is not amused, naturally.

But wait, why blame only the North Koreans? Don’t we have an organization much closer to home which creates money out of nothing at even greater pace? Don’t we have a government that is broke? And doesn’t that government have its own printing press (the Fed) which continues to print money – or create computer signals – out of nothing, only to spend them on the world markets?

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Hmmm, strange, when our own government does it, it is “quantitative easing,” or “stimulation packages,” or “money policy.” And it is supposed to be good, even if every year we have a new trillion dollars created out of nothing. But when the North Korean government prints a few hundred million dollars (less than 1/1000 of one trillion), it is bad?

May be it isn’t North Korea that we should have “serious talks” with. May be we should have serious talks with our own US government? And ask it to shut down the printing press called “Federal Reserve.” Then, when we have dealt with our own Communists, we will be able to deal with theirs.

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