Evolutionists Find Water/Ice beyond Solar System as Creationist Predicted

Dr. D. Russell Humphreys retired in 2001 as a physicist at the Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque. At Sandia, Russ worked on theoretical nuclear physics and radiation hydrodynamics with the goal of helping to product the world’s first lab-scale thermonuclear fusion. Among his research was:

  • Designed and theoretically analyzed thermonuclear fusion targets using radiation hydrodynamic codes.
  • Designed key high-voltage parts of Sandia’s 100-Terawatt Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator II and conducted fusion power experiments on it. Same designs are in use today on Sandia’s Z machine.
  • Research on low-temperature solids and studies on superconductors.
  • Nuclear weapons projects, including stockpile engineering for W87 firing set.
  • Helped design new inkjet printer component and shared patent on it.
  • Developed high repetition-rate neutron tube driver and gamma-ray spectrometer for borehole logging applications. Patent on high-voltage power supply for it.
  • Patents on wide-bandwidth electric field sensor and high-voltage neutron tube supply. Designed lightning current waveform recorder which won IR-100 Award.
  • Studied electric fields and ion currents under ultrahigh voltage DC transmission lines.
  • Theoretical studies of relativistic velocity dependence of nuclear forces.

Russ is also a young earth creationist who believes God’s Word to be true from the very beginning to the very end. He used his understanding of physics and other sciences to help him understand God’s creation of the Earth and universe. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Russ for nearly 20 years and have had numerous conversations with him about his understanding of the Creation account found in Genesis 1.

Starting with the Hebrew, Russ believes that God started with water. Somewhere in the center of that water was the formless essence of the Earth which He formed into a planet of water. When God separated the waters above from the waters below (v. 6-8) He called the space in between the heavens. In verses 14-18 (Day 4) God placed the sun, moon and stars in the same heavens or expanse that was between the earth and the waters below and the waters above. Since God started with water, Russ predicted that we would find evidence of water and ice throughout the universe, but many evolutionists scoffed at his prediction.

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So what are evolutionary scientists discovering? They found water or ice on the moon, evidence of such on Mars and on moons around Jupiter and Saturn. Now they are reporting that they have discovered evidence of clouds that could bear water or ice crystals around the brown dwarf WISE J085510.83-071442.5 or what they abbreviate to only W0855.

Lying outside our solar system some 7.2 light years away, W0855 is the coldest brown dwarf ever discovered and the first evidence of water or ice outside the solar system. Chris Tinney, an astronomer at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, at the University of New South Wales stated:

“This object is so faint and it’s exciting to be the first people to detect it with a telescope on the ground.”

And this isn’t the only prediction Russ Humphreys has made based upon Scripture and his understanding of physics and science. He predicted the magnetic fields of some of the planets in our solar system that were also later proven to exist. He’s made several other predictions as well that have been proven to be accurate. It really warms my heart when I see evolutionists confirm the scientific predictions made based on the biblical account of creation.


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