Ex Bank Robber Murdered Family to Hide Another Embarrassing Secret

Yikes. A man named Brett Ryan has also been known as a bank robber. He told the woman he loved all about his old stints, but Kristen Baxter decided she wanted to marry him anyway. He’d changed after all, right?


Ryan murdered his family when they threatened to tell his fiance the truth about another identity he’d been known by: “Fake Beard Bandit.” He killed his mother and brothers over the fear of Baxter finding out the embarrassing secret from his past.

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Almost a decade ago, Ryan’s break up with another girlfriend had triggered a depressive episode in Ryan that led to him to commit a series of heists in Canada disguised as an elderly man, earning him the nickname “Fake Beard Bandit”.

But the spree was so out of character for the sweet, popular Ryan that the judge rejected the 10-year sentence requested by prosecutors and gave him just three years and nine months.

Good behaviour resulted in the Parole Board of Canada granting Ryan day release after just 15 months, noting that he did not suffer from major mental illness, psychopathy or have a history of violence.

Just six years later, Ryan strangled his mother Susan and shot his brothers Christopher and Alexander to death with a crossbow in a triple homicide on August 25, 2016 that shocked Canadians.

With this horrible act, the 36-year-old then added a new identity to his list:  “The Crossbow Killer”.

Unfortunately for his family, he does appear to suffer from some type of mental illness or psychopathy. Why else would be brutally slaughter his own flesh and blood? Over a silly secret?

Ryan admitted to the murders and also confessed that he attempted to kill a third brother as well. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with absolutely no possibility of parole on Friday.

Apparently he lied to his fiancé about many other things, like his college degree and his job. He hid things from her in fear of her leaving if she knew the truth. She really dodged a bullet here.


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