Ex-Chemistry Teacher Sentenced to Prison for Making Meth

Perhaps shows like Breaking Bad should put some kind of disclaimer in the credits like, “Don’t try this at home.” Kind of like they used to do in cartoons when we were kids, although most of us knew better than to actually try and replicate Acme characters.

Then again, without the disclaimer, natural selection is more likely to take place and that’s a win too.

A former high school chemistry teacher from New Mexico is now facing four years in prison for cooking methamphetamine, AKA meth.

Walter White — Oops, sorry, I mean — John W. Gose was originally sentenced to nine years in prison. However, since the 53-year-old pleaded guilty to “trafficking by manufacturing a controlled substance among four methamphetamines-related counts,” back in May, his sentence was reduced to four years.

However, he will still be on probation for those five years after he is released. Sounds like he got off easy to me!

Fox News reports:

New Mexico police arrested Gose in October after chemicals, glassware and rubber tubing were discovered at the time of a traffic stop.

olice also discovered chemicals and supplies at Gose’s home. Gose had enough methamphetamine ingredients to create a pound or more of the drug, which had a street value of $44,800.

Gose’s crimes mirrored the Emmy Award-winning AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” which follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher in New Mexico, who begins to cook methamphetamine after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Gose was initially facing 20½ years in prison for the charges.

Gose used to teach science to high schoolers in El Paso and middle schoolers in Las Cruces, authorities said. Gose reportedly told a roommate that he had taught chemistry.

I wonder if we will get a Lifetime movie out of this. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good opportunity if they don’t make one!

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