Exactly Who Really Favors Same-Sex Marriage?

A new Pew Research poll has just been released titled, Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage.  From their results, conservative Republican religious older men are less likely to favor same-sex marriage.  On the converse, liberal Democrat non-religious younger females greatly favor gay marriage.

When I looked at their results broke down by sex, age, religion, race and political affiliation, I saw an overwhelming picture of the moral decay of America as a whole.  Combining all of the results, they found that 48% of Americans now favor or approve of same-sex marriage whereas in 2001 only 35%.  In 2001, 57% of Americans opposed same-sex marriage whereas today, on 44% oppose it.

Breaking it down by age groups is one of the areas that clearly showed America’s moral decline.  What was interesting is the significant jump in the number of people that approve of same-sex marriage coincides with the removal of the Bible and Christianity from the public schools.  The age breakdowns are:

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Silent Generation (born 1928-46) – 33% favor same-sex marriage.

Baby Boomers (born 1946-64) – 41% favor same-sex marriage.

Generation X (born 1965-80) – 52% favor same-sex marriage.

Millennials (born 1981 or later) – 63% favor same-sex marriage.

The efforts to remove the Bible and God from classrooms and government began in the middle 1960s, just as many of the Baby Boomers were hitting the public schools.  That also ushered in the era of hippies, drug and free sex.  When you look at the high percentage of Millennials that favor same-sex marriage, you also see that we have almost lost the younger generation to secular, materialistic and hedonistic lifestyle.

When Pew broke down their demographics to religious affiliation, it was obvious that Protestants in general were less likely to favor gay marriage than Catholics and those with no religious affiliation.  This also demonstrates that the absence of religion in one’s life greatly increases the probability of being more open to things like sexual perverseness.  The results in this category for those favoring gay marriage are as follows:

White evangelical Protestants – 19%

Black Protestants– 35%

White mainline Protestants – 53%

Catholics – 52%

No religious affiliation – 73%

When it came to political affiliation, there was no real surprise as Democrats have long been known as the part of liberals.  Democrats were two and half times more likely to favor gay marriage as Republicans.  Independents were more than twice as likely to favor it as well.  The breakdown for liberals, moderates and conservatives was very near that of the political affiliation.

Even though the religious affiliation showed that White evangelical Protestants were less likely to favor same-sex marriage, in the overall breakdown of color, only 39% of blacks favored same-sex marriage whereas 48% of whites favored it.

The final breakdown was sex and this was no surprise either as women are generally more liberal than men in many areas of life, especially politics and social issues.  Pew found that only 43% of men favored same-sex marriage while 51% of women favored it.

In general older conservative Republican religious black men are less likely to favor same-sex marriage.  On the converse, younger liberal Democratic non-religious white women are more likely to favor same-sex marriage.  However, the bottom line is that we are losing the culture of America and it is directly related to the degree with which the Bible, God and Christianity are being lost.

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